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TERMS OF USE By signing up you have read and accepted these Terms of Service, you are accepting all agreements that are part of the Service. You will comply with these Terms and all applicable local, state, national, and international laws, rules, and regulations. Gossip Of The City Terms of service. Effective: September12th, 2018. Welcome to Gossip Of The City! Our goal is to give you the power to create the next big gossip community platform. However, in the process of doing so, we have implemented certain rules and regulations to keep our community a safe environment. 1. (Zero Tolerance for Objectionable content or abusive users). We want users to enjoy our community in a safe environment, while we do allow some explicit content, we have placed strict regulations. We have added a Zero Tolerance policy to ensure the safety of users and ways to keep the community a safe place. By using the Services, you agree that: *You will not post excessive nudity, porn or any content that may violate the rights of a human being. *You will not upload images that show your breast, butt or bikini. To combat violations, we have enable settings that allow users to "Block" and "Report" any member causing the violation in the community. We will act on any violation within 24 hours of the report. To make a report on a user, you can: Go to the post that is in violation and click on "Report". This will trigger a notification to the admins of the community & we will deal with the violation accordingly. You can also go to the user profile and click on "Report User." To block users who are committing violations you can go to the users profile and click on "Block User". This will stop you from seeing the users post completely. To report any violation directly to us, you can contact us using the following information below: gossipofthecity.com@gmail.com (Safety). We will try hard to keep Gossip of the city a safe environment but we will need your help to assure the community stays a safe place at all times. By using the Services, you agree that: *You will not violate the rights of others *You will not use the Services for any purpose that is illegal or prohibited in these Terms. *You will not use, steal or copy any copyright content from another blog and/or platform. *You will not attempt to hack or steal users information using robot technology or any device/software to interfere with our community. *You will not use or attempt to use another user’s account, username, or password without their permission. *You will not spam *You will not probe, scan, or test the vulnerability of our Services or any system or network. *You will not post any content without watermarking *You will not encourage others to leave the community *You will not disrespect users or admins of the community *You will not share links in the community except for Youtube videos *You will not use hate speech or vulgar language at no time *You will not argue with users *You will not upload viruses or other malicious code or otherwise compromise the security of the Services. *You will not solicit users of the community *You will not create your own Gossip platform within the community or encourage others to join your gossip platform. *You will not harass users outside of the website/app. *You will not harass admins outside of the website/app. *You will not talk down on the website/app or the admins. *You will not engage in any drama or messy post with trolls or users. *You will not lead on, bring about or cause more drama on the website/app. *You will not tag other members with hateful post or tag users to create drama. *You will not share post. *You will not repost what's already posted in groups. *You will not slander any user or admin. *You will not defame any user or admin. *You will not in any way attempt to gain followers for your own personal gain on the website/app. *You will not screenshot or download images and videos from the website/app. Breach of security of the website/app. *You will provide any information we need (such as state ID, water bill, Instagram account, Facebook etc)to keep you on the website,app and groups. *You will comply with any request needed to verify who you are *You will not deny or reject our request for proof needed to verify you're not a troll, fake page or robot. Breaking any of the rules or not following them will lead to your account being disabled. 3. (Who Can Use the Services). While we invite anyone to join our community, we do have age restrictions on our services. By using the Services, you agree that: *You are not under 17. 4. (Copyright). Gossip of the city honors the requirements set forth in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. We will act on reported copyright material immediately and removed the violation and/or the user from our community. If you file a notice with our Copyright Agent, it must comply with the requirements set forth at 17 U.S.C. § 512(c)(3). That means the notice must: *contain the physical or electronic signature of a person authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner. *identify the copyrighted work claimed to have been infringed. *identify the material that is claimed to be infringing or to be the subject of infringing activity and that is to be removed, or access to which is to be disabled, and information reasonably sufficient to let us locate the material. *provide your contact information, including your address, telephone number, and an email address. *provide a personal statement that you have a good-faith belief that the use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law. *provide a statement that the information in the notification is accurate and, under penalty of perjury, that you are authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner. Email: gossipofthecity.com@gmail.com 5. (Your Account Responsibility). Any action taken on your account is your responsibility. So it is important you do not share your credentials with anyone or show your account to anyone. By using the Services, you agree that: *You will not share your password *You will not show or tell anyone outside of the community any content within the website (DARKROOM) . *You will not share your username *You will not sell, loan or lease anyone your account * You will not create more than one account. 6. (Limitation of Liability). By using the Services, you agree that: Gossip of the city is not responsible for your actions on our Services and will not be liable or cover you in legal disputes that may rise due to your negligence of our Services. You're fully responsible for what you post and how you post it. Once you have entered the The Dark Room you cannot be issued a refund. If we do issue a refund it will be a partial refund. Gossip of the city liability should be limited under US laws. You're responsible for the full cost of court in any legal dispute that may be caused by your actions on our Services, and you agree to cover Gossip of the city legal fees due to your recklessness of our Services. You agree, to the extent permitted by law, to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Gossip of the city., our affiliates and owner from and against any and all complaints, charges, claims, damages, losses, costs, liabilities, and expenses (including attorneys’ fees) due to, arising out of, or relating in any way to: (a) your access to or use of the Services; (b) your content; and (c) your breach of these Terms. 7. (Disclaimer) Gossip of the city users publishes news, truth, rumors and speculation. This website is for entertainment purposes only. This website may contain errors or inaccuracies, however we do our best to verify all stories and submissions. We make no warranty as to the correctness or reliability of the content. We reserve the right to republish comments left on our website. Anonymous posting of comments is not allowed. We reserve the right to edit and delete any comments left on Gossip Of The City. There may be links to other web sites from Gossip Of The City; however, these other web sites are not controlled by Gossip of the city and we are not responsible for any content contained on any such web site or any loss suffered by you in relation to your use of such web sites. Gossip of the city agrees to retract any inaccurate information in a timely manner after being notified. (The Dark Room rules and regulations) 1. Users of The Dark Room cannot share, download, copy or remove content including images and video from the group. User cannot troll the dark room or use fake information to enter the dark room of you will be banned. All users must use a real photo of themselves on the avatar. If users break these terms of use the users will be banned and removed from the group without refund. By signing up for The Dark Room you agree to these terms of use. Changes to This Terms Of Service (TOS) We possess the right to change the clauses of the TOS or entire Terms Of Use according to the circumstances or needs of the user due to the factors like security , safety, avoiding scams etc according to our Terms Of Use. Members share personal opinions and experience, and we do our best to make it as accurate as possible. However, there may be errors or omissions and we are not held liable. Gossipofthecity.com and it’s content is copyrighted and should not be redistributed in any form. Any user who removes content from our website and republished to another platform will face fines and subject to copyrighted lawsuit. The Dark Room will now accept new members so join while you can. The group isn’t for media outlets, forums, Facebook groups, ig pages, YouTubers , podcasters or anyone in radio. The group isn’t for anyone who discussed celebrity gossip in no form or fashion who has a platform of some sort. The group isn’t for public figures either. New Members have to use your first name and one real picture of yourself. Using a fake picture/name or using someone else to get in is against the rules. Breaking any of these rules will result in you being remove with no refund. You fully understand these rules before you join. We do not consent to any media outlet or group page using my content and will file legal action against you and your page. If you join knowing you’re a media outlet page or someone who runs any group about celebs, you give up your rights to contest my complaint in federal court or state court when I sue you for damages. If anyone helps a media page get access to my group we will sue you as well for damages. You’re fully aware and give up any rights you may have in court. All members must be 17+ or you will be removed with no refund. By joining The Dark Room you are fully aware and agree to our no refund policy. It's our full discretion when determining if you should receive a partial refund. If we find you leaking content from The Dark Room you will be banned with no refund. The Dark Room is non refundable once you enter the group no matter what the reason may be. If we do have to refund you we will issue a partial refund. Your membership begins when you enter the group and shall not stop for any reason. If there are breaches in the group and we have to remove each user to check everyone, the membership will still run. The Dark Room is the members responsibility and each member should hold the next accountable. By joining the group you agree to the terms of the group.