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By signing up you have read and accepted the privacy policy, you are accepting all agreements that are part of the Service. You will comply with these Terms and all applicable local, state, national, and international laws, rules, and regulations. Privacy Policy. Last modified: September 12, 2018. Gossip of the city is a social app that connects people in the gossip community and allows them to create their own stories on the basis of their interests. However, the company is very much considerate on the private nature of the data of its users and strives hard to satisfy all the security needs. This policy regarding our privacy / private practices describes how we treat the information we collect when you download the app and use it. The way we handle your information is in accordance with the Privacy Policy. The company may share non-personal information with our corporate partners for purposes such as research, surveys and analysis, and to help them provide you with more relevant experiences by improving services. However when you use the Services, you also consent to the collection, transfer, manipulation, storage, disclosure and other uses of your information as described in this Privacy Policy; because we believe that you should not have to provide personal information to take part in the free knowledge movement, therefore please read it carefully. Topics Privacy Policy Addresses This privacy addresses the privacy practices for Gossip of the city. This privacy notice applies solely to information collected by this app. It will notify you of the following: What individually identifiable information is collected from you through the app, how it is used and with whom it may be shared. What choices are available to you regarding the use of your data. The security procedures in place to protect the misuse of your information. How you can correct any inaccuracies in the information. This privacy policy vastly enumerates and governs the treatment of the information gathered when you are using the app or any of its services. It also covers the treatment of the data or information about you that our partners might share with us or that we might share with our partners as the company plans to collaborate and expand in the future for better services to its end users. The privacy policy clearly states that it does not cover any clause for the data or information users directly use and share with each other on the app using their respective accounts because everyone is free to share information (Gossip) with each other therefore users must share their personal information on your own risk. One other feature of this app is the flexibility with which the people can gossip therefore a post created by a user may collect more information than the app itself and can be used by third parties. Any third party that we do not own, collaborate ,or do business with, don’t apply to our privacy policy. Moreover we only work, collaborate, manage and control only those third parties (websites,apps etc)that pay respect to the privacy of the information of our end users. Information We Collect and System of Usage Account Information When a person downloads our app from the app store the next step is to set up his/her account. To make an account user needs to provide information regarding his/her name,age,email address , password etc.This information is kept very private keeping in view the privacy needs of our users however the app may use the information in any form for the enhancement and improvement of the services like through personalization, to facilitate our end user. Basically there are certain restrictions which app needs to follow like We use the age you provide while setting your account to verify your age and match it with minimum age requirements We use your email address to contact and communicate with you. Note: You can keep your account private but by default your posts will appear in public and anyone who knows your email can see you for changing settings you will need to visit the Account Settings Email Communications And Feedback with Us Because of our regular services you may receive emails from the app with the sole purpose of communication. These communications can be of administrative in nature related to your account settings like recovery of password, verification or setting new password or notifications. Note: The app will never ask for your passwords in emails or any other related account information unless we need to verify who you are due to security concerns. We basically send 2 types of emails one related the fun stuff and other related the account settings you can opt-out of the fun stuff but not from the emails regarding your account settings Information about Your Accounts on Third Party Services Gossip in the city allows its users to link the app with third party services, prior to that you will be needed to provide your username or ID for any of the third party service, after that you will be allowed to use that service or log into that particular service. We do not store or receive your passwords for the third part services. Information Obtained From Third Party Services There are certain services where we actually are partners with a third party service and we can use the data provided by you to that party for either creating a new service or for the enhancement of the existing service. For example the age provided by you can be used or the gender or the location etc.If you have any queries regarding the sharing of your information you should just read the privacy/private policy of the third party services you use on your account to get an answer to your concerns User Content All sharing through the platform of this app are public by default which you can change anytime. You should keep in mind that everything you publish is publically available in a community etc unless you select privacy for your posts and sharing’s. Once you have made a public post every bit of information and data related to it is subject to access of everyone including other users and search engines etc and you might lose any of your privacy claims that you might have regarding the content. Also the information you post might be shared and copied all over the internet like sharing, posting etc. In short Gossip of the city is a public platform where everyone can share the views, thoughts, gossips, opinions but you should also understand that it could be difficult for us to remove a post ,picture etc once it has been shared many times. Native Action. These are the services that allow every user to perform the actions that are a part of our application, such as liking, commenting etc. Anyone can see that who liked the post. Application uses the information from native services to improve the existing services or to create new services particularly to personalize your account more effectively. As a result you will see posts relevant to you and will better search the results than ever before .likes etc are something in the register for a public record if you are having privacy problems you can keep them to yourself but you should realize that you have appoint to make and have a right to publicly express yourself in the best possible way so do not be afraid Information About User Content There will be certain cases where the app may collect the information related to the service. For example you have published a gossip with an image that we might ask you to describe the camera or camera settings. This information is merely for the purpose of improving the functionality of the application Financial Information There will be cases or situations where you will be needed to provide the financial information like valid credit card number ,expiration date etc, this will however happen only when you will decide to use a paid feature or the service. However the app do not store the information itself such information is stored separately on payment processor and the data usage is in accordance with the terms of service and privacy policy. The payment processor also have separately others terms and conditions and it is your responsibility to get familiar to those terms. The information app may receive from a payment processor involves A token that is unique and to be connected to your account to enable you to make purchases. In some cases the last 4 digits of your credit card are associated with that number so that we can prevent scams or fraud transactions and identity the thefts as well Information Related to Use of the Services The information is collected about the usage of the services .These are collected and stored in separate files whenever you interact with a service the app provides. Application may use the third party services to analyze this information for the sake of future improvements. Moreover some of this information may be related or connected to your internet protocol address that is used to access that particular service. This information is basically use to providing users with personalized content; providing users with targeted advertising; improving our search results; identifying trending or popular content; fighting spam, malware, identity theft and generally keeping our users and community safe; and for legal and safety reasons. We basically collect and use the information about how you interact with the application services to improve the app for you and to make you and the community safe from threats and breaches. Information Related to Your Web Browser When you interact with the app or nay of its services we store the information regarding your type of browser, device of access, version of browser, IOS version, Android version, language preferences, screen display information. We use this information to detect whether you separately use an extension on your browser or device that may also store data independently and use itself. We basically use this information to improve our services for our End Users. Location Information In certain cases we also collect your data regarding the location, it is done by converting your IP address to the coordinates of a geo location. A part from this the app may also ask you for your location in certain cases for geo tagging people in your posts. This in turn will be used to improve our services by showing you your relevant local information on your feed. We do not use any drone technology etc to determine your position your location is just rough geo location with tolerances in precision just determined from your IP address. Information Related to Your Mobile Device In some cases the application may collect and store your mobile data just for the sole purpose of your satisfaction like mobile number may be collected to send the verification messages and passwords resets, also new services messages etc but always before collecting such information you will be asked and will have option to either give or neglect it. Information Collected Using Cookies and Web Tags Text files that may be sent and saved to your browser are cookies, your browser stores cookies in a way you visit the websites, cookies or web tags may be used by the application to see that whether you have looked at a page. We use these services to determine how and when you use these services. If you disable the cookies you might not be able to log into your account. To be able to log into your account and enjoy the app is one of the main important services and it is made possible due to the cookies and tags. Information Collected And Used From VPNs VPNs are special applications and extensions that change the location of the user, therefore when a user access the app from a VPN a third party comes into the play and the information may be shared by VPN to the app or not depending upon the privacy policy of the VPN and therefore the user must read the privacy policy of the VPN before using it to login into the account. Information About User Contacts In certain services we ask you to provide your contacts lists so that you can connect to the people in your contact list on the website to make your experience more worth loving and enjoyable. Like you can connect your contacts in our email to the app and the services will utilize that information for improvement. In other case you have the option of sharing your mobile contacts which will then allow us you to provide a list of people you can follow in the application for much better social experience. We will always give you a choice to whether provide us the required information or not and we will fully disclose how we will use that information on that particular feature We will never retrieve the data regarding your contacts without your consent Derived Information The information derived from the natives etc will be analyzed by the team and systems and therefore we will try to infer about your preferences to make your account more according to your needs and likes and dislikes Information Sharing Policy Gossip of the city will never share the information we received from you unless We have been given permission by you to share that information That information does not identify you e:g aggregate information We have given you a prior notice that we will share your information Information Shared with and Received from our Corporate Partners With our corporate business partners we might share the information for the sake of improving the services for your utility but we only do business with those who give respect to the ides of privacy of your information .If you have any queries you can visit the privacy policy of our partners at any time. Information Shared with the Public Through the Services User Content and Native Actions above, by default, content published through the Services and many actions you take on the Services are shared with the public. Because this kind of information can be seen by anyone and may be indexed by search engines (like Google Search, or the far superior Yahoo Search,VPNs), you should be careful about what you choose to disclose publicly and make sure it’s information you want to share with everyone. The information or stuff you create or share on the app is public by default and to make it private you need to change the privacy settings. Information Shared Between the Services We may, if possible, aggregate information about your use of multiple Services and use that consolidated information to enhance and improve the Services, and to develop new Services. Information You Share with Third Party Services You may by yourself share the information with the third party services by clicking the ads or other socializing sites e:g facebook, twitter etc you should therefore yourself carefully read the privacy policy of these websites for the questions regarding the data acquisition and usage. You can automatically publish the posts etc from the app to socializing sites or other sites , that is where our privacy policy ends and we are not responsible for the data retrievemcent and usage anymore because now third party services gets involved. Information Shared with Our Agents in Order to Operate and Improve the Services We share information sometimes with the third parties like service providers and agents for the sake of improving services and developing new products and services for you. We may share the information with the service providers to fight scams and our agents do not use your data beyond a defined scope, they just assist you. Information Disclosed Pursuant to Business Transfers There could be cases in which we can sell certain assets of our business. Your information is an asset and if we enter into bankruptcy which is a possibility we can sell our assets in the form of information that can than be acquired by the third party. The use of information now lies with the privacy policy for the third party .In short if we got acquired by a third party or we get out of business the transfer of assets may include the user information, however they will be allowed to use the information according to the clauses of the privacy policy. Information Disclosed for Our Protection and the Protection of Others This app is a social app giving its users a freedom of speech and expression and we try to protect our users and community from baseless legal demand. We hold the right to access, preserve and disclose any information we believe is reasonably necessary for: Laws and regulations, legal and government requests or orders Enforce this privacy policy and terms of service Detect and prevent frauds and scams Respond to your support request Protect basic human rights of safety, property, healthy of our users Information We Share with Your Consent or at Your Request If you ask us to release information that we have about your Account, we will do so if reasonable and not unduly burdensome. Information Shared with Other Third Parties We may share or disclose non-private information, Aggregate Information, or other non-personally identifying information with people and entities that we do business with. The Security of Your Information Password is the primary tool that is used for the safety of your personal data into your account however to make your information more safer we might introduce multiple authentication processes like logging you out of the device or browser when you have completed a session or sending verification email or login code to sign in Although we strive hard to provide you the best possible security but we do not guarantee the safety of the information because the system may be compromised in case of hardware or software malfunctioning. What Information You Can Access If you are a registered user, you can access most information associated with your Account by logging into the Services and checking your Account Settings page. How to Delete Your Account and What Happens When You Delete Your Account Gossip of the city is a social platform and we encourage the exercise of right of freedom of expression and enjoyment without hurting the sentiments of nay individual. If in case person wants to delete his account we respect the decision there is a systematic way to proceed it can be done either by logging into your account from account settings or mailing us which will further require an authentication claim after which your account will be deleted. Changes to This Privacy Policy We possess the right to change the clauses of privacy policy or entire privacy policy according to the circumstances or needs of the user due to the factors like security , safety, avoiding scams etc according to our Terms Of Use. By signing up you have read and accepted these Terms of Service, you are accepting all agreements that are part of the Service. You will comply with these Terms and all applicable local, state, national, and international laws, rules, and regulations.