The Recap: The Real Blac Chyna Season 1 Episode 6

The Recap: The Real Blac Chyna Season 1 Episode 6


Do your job!

Do your job!



The Real Blac Chyna Season 1 Episode 6

As we pick back up from where we left off...

Staleman (how dare he have a name like Phreshy you old stale bread looking man lol. ) What kind of “PR” comes to a meeting with their client to prepare for an interview and doesn’t print out the questions for the interview? This man had the nerve to say he was getting a wig.

I wanted to put my foot through the muthaphucking screen.

Sir, are you the PR or the hair dresser?!? Your job is to be prepared to prep your client for an interview. Where is your clipboard? Multiple copies of the questions with creative wording that sounds like your client? Tape recorder? Itinerary for the day of? How are you approving questions that your client hasn’t seen? I would’ve had to ask the man to excuse himself and leave. FIRED his clawt right then and there. GOODBYE. This man sat there and said “I do my job pretty damn good.” OBVIOUSLY, YOU DON’T! I honestly feel for Chyna.

I don’t understand why people were asking Chyna can she not fix her own hair. Nergo?!? Why did she hire a hairdresser for? Everyone crowding Chyna while I swear I heard her tell people to give her space. Let the woman breathe. Chyna needs better staff, clean house. Listening to all those high pitched male voices yelling and cussing at Chyna like they have no sense was disturbing.

Does Phreshy really think that he has the power to cancel Chynas interview?!? As if Chyna can’t call the Wendy office herself? You don’t cuss your client calling that woman all kinds of beeitches, storming out and crying like a Diva that you are not. Phreshy or Ashton should’ve had her itinerary printed and ready.  That is not the talents job. That’s what Chyna pays these people to do; have her ready to her specific likings on some “Devil Wears Prada” level.

Then Phreshy called down ill will on that woman making up fake headlines “Newsflash: Blac Chyna gets into it with Wendy”. Trying to speak horrible things into manifestation for that woman. Shame on you sir.

All 3 Chatty Kathies talking about their client. Is the car packed? Do you have nothing to do? Treasure was right for walking into the room and gathering them together.

Then Chyna gets downstairs and can’t find her car. She was right to speak on that. How does the talent get to the studio before glam and wardrobe? The car should have her roller bag and necessities. As soon as I said that Chyna said the same. Look at that.

I saw the interview and of course we now know that Wendy and Chyna are sweet on each other; for now.

Staff had nothing ready and lied to Chyna. Then have the audacity to roll their eyes and have an issue with her checking them on not having their shiet together. “I Get it, but..” nothing. Chyna was right. This is what the job entails. Do the job you were paid to do. Ashton, Phreshy and Jamal need to be fired. Phreshy suggested a walk out about we will see when the episode airs.

Next episode....Lyrica and her baby make an appearance and the skate party “reconciliation” between Tokyo and Chyna takes place.