Let Me Clear My Mind: LockDown Day 2

Let Me Clear My Mind: LockDown Day 2


With a lot of us self isolating and quarantining my mind has had a ton of time to think. I’m here thinking things that shouldn’t be said out loud. I just figured y’all could relate or appreciate:



Akbar had all that time to squawk and argue with folks. I wonder if she’s putting the same energy into finding out who killed Cliff ?


DL Hugley and a ton of black celebrities were clowning about the Covid19 virus. Now the NBA is cancelled and the sexiest man alive, Idris Elba, has that shiet. Don’t worry John Legend, no one other than you family and “Kim the Wig” daughter’ cares if you catch that shiet. In fact the world hasn’t been the same since they named John Legend sexiest man alive ?


What if we’ve been mourning all these ppl who have died when God may have been rescuing them from the bullshiet to come?


Maybe this virus was Cheetos way of “Making Amerkkkia Great Again”. Think; the rich can afford skyrocketing food prices and buy islands (Ronaldo). Gun owners, hillbillies and Cheeto Rally attendees have been waiting for this moment all their lives. This is why they’ve been building bunkers and stockpiling resources. Now that Cheeto has named this the “Chinese Virus” I doubt everything we own will say “made in China”. The borders are closed for all countries. Just like when Cheeto was restricting access from “shiet hole” countries. Things will now say made in America and America will lean more to manufacturing things in house going forward.


Has anyone seen Julius? Beyoncé and Jayz’ Julius. If you can find him I can find which lair they’re hiding out. HELP US!! Where’s the yacht  to the promised land? And is there space for me...Y’all need to submit your own requests.


I commented on Kelis’ page about her farm last night and I woke up to her liking the comment. Had me all giddy and shiet. But sisss.....I was serious on the invite?. I can cook too. I’ll be the sous-chef. Hell I can turn soil and be a nanny. It’s not like you pay the nanny I just need room/board, food and protection ??



In these times I wonder if these women with babies from seed spreading rappers had an “ah ha” moment.  Future, Offset, Fetty, TI etc can’t be with all their children  if this is the end unless the babymommas are invited too. I’d love to be a fly on the wall for that. Mona couldn’t write a script that even came close!



People: the virus finna end relationships due to social distancing or realizing that you hate the person. Oh not to mention you can die.


Me: sooooo AIDS is nothing huh ?


Does the government provide relief for sex workers, strippers and IG girls in this time of social distancing? Or do they have that hazmat gust shooters lining the doors to sanitize ppl as they walk in?


Is the Amazon and Australia still on fire?


Which tv show are we living right now?

Contagion, Walking Dead or The Handmaids Tale?


I vote that the astrological sign of Capricorn be changed to Covid. That’s the sign all these lockdown babies finna be ??‍♀️



Imma go finish unpacking and cleaning y’all. I needed to get that off my chest.