The Recap: Power Season 6 Episode 13

The Recap: Power Season 6 Episode 13


Big Rich town my ass.


Mr Penny Cent Jackson must’ve taken all of the ”Power” budget to fund his new show. In fact since Nickle man is out here telling people they owe him money. I need to reclaim my time for last weeks episode of “Power”. Has me here considering a wig in colour 27 to match Mzz Waters fly.




It’s Power Season 6 Episode 13


I couldn’t even write a recap for last weeks episode.  I was raised like Thumper from “Bambi”. My momma told me if I don’t have nothing nice to say don’t say nothing at all.




If that was the case I would be a muthaphucking lurking faceless apparition in this mug.


First off Angela’s sister Poz had me thinking I was watching Orange is the New Black with guest appearances from the cast of “Power”. A cross over like how Scandal and HTGAWM did. Except that not what a bish wanted. Kmt (kissing my teeth; for those who don’t know the lingo)


This week Tommy takes out all the Italians.


Not one...ALL..riggghttttt


There’s black men in a warehouse shooting at Tommy and Ghost (probably Tariq’s goons). Remember Tommy told Riq he was going to save Ghost and Tariq is still in that phuck my dad bullshiet.  Tasha probably told Riq that Tommy pulled a gun on her which made him not care if Tommy died too. Tariq was stealing from Tommy anyways. Plus no ones allowed to pull a gun on His momma except for himself, ‘Riqs a narcissist; keep up folks lol. Vincent tried to tell Tommy something about Tariq before he going killed. In fact he said Riq told them where Tommy would be. Tariq needs to be barbecued like a Chucky doll or like how they did Dre. He should’ve been nutted into a tissue for the amount of people he’s gotten killed. Smh


I thought for a second Tommy was going to take Proctor’s daughter and raise her like his own. Then next minute I thought he was going to shoot her. What we do know is she knows that Jamie is Ghost, that Tommy killed her father and Tariq is a muthaphucking liar. My bet is that it’s Proctors daughter who shot Jamie. Just like Maggie shot Mr Burns lmao. She was probably mad as hell at Jamie because Proctor trusted him the most and if it wasn’t for Jamie none of this would’ve happened. That’s my theory at this point.


Ghost is legit dead. I thought he was shot and snuck out the country after surgery never to be seen again. Unless making an appearance at Coachella as a hologram; dead.


What we do know is that the shooter is female. Ghost said “let her go” when Tommy showed up plus the look on Tommy’s face. Which again is why I think it’s Proctor’s daughter who shoots Ghost. Tommy also told her point blank in the car that if she wanted to find him in the future and cap him he would understand.


Favourite part of the show was when Tommy rolled up on old boy:


“If I tell you I’d have to kill you; California”



I’m over this shiet at this point.

It’s just dragging.

The only who killed who I wanna

know at this pointz is...