The Recap: Power Season 6 Episode 11

The Recap: Power Season 6 Episode 11


New decade same smooth Joe sung




It’s Power Season 6 Episode 11


Dre went from singing gospel to cussing in front of the baby. Who knew the baby mom was from London; eh! Dre you’re not good at “this shiet” you’re a setup snitch who works with the alphabet boys.


People really trying to die backing Dre? REALLY?? Why didn’t I know until now that the baby’s name was Heaven lmao. When Dre said no ones taking Heaven from me I had to laugh. It’s 2020 why are Dre and Sacks still alive? Why don’t they have Sacks house wiretapped?


Dre has a Mom?!? I thought he was hatched. Of course she’s a church lady too. Poor Momma didn’t even know she had a grand daughter. I sure did laugh when his Mom curved him outside of the church.


Dre was smoking the most pinch blunt I’ve seen while talking Tariq. Dre was trying to blackmail Tariq, Tasha and Ghost. I don’t know how Dre can even compare himself to Ghost. Dre hopped from his Mom, the Feds, Tate, Ghost...I wonder who his baby Mom had in the room with him while on speaker phone. The scene was suss.


Francis and Spotsworth; lmao that’s all I got.


Dre’s Mom was ready with the gun. God knows I would’ve been okay with her shooting him. His whole backstory doesn’t condone any of the shiet he’s done.


So Tate hired Dre to kill Ghost. Interesting. I would’ve taken the money and cut. Dre’s baby mom seemed like the only one with sense. But Dre just haddddd to go back. Wearing no gloves and dropping shiet on the way. I got all giddy when Tommy spotted them at the light. I was sure that Tommy was going to shoot him when leaving the gas station. Only for him to get locked up again.  Can’t say I’m sad about crispy fried Dre. That shiet was long overdue. Said that Spotsworth turned on Tommy by snitching about Poncho.


This episode was all about Dre.


Question is; is Ghost really dead?


Did Dre give Tariq the piece he wanted?