Love & Hip Hop NewYork: Season 10 Episode 3

Love & Hip Hop NewYork: Season 10 Episode 3


The women of Dipset all in one place. I love Juju; team money over bullshiet baby. Of course Kimbella has to say something. Yandy read an article and spoke the truth. What does Kimbella do other than LHH?  Legit question. Also she was on the show for the longest as Yandy’s friend and Yandy has thrown herself in the line of fire to save Kimbella too many times. No loyalty at all. What a shame.

Sooo does Erica want the lipgloss, bike, shoes and fur collection if the marriage ends?? I don’t know why she wanted a prenup other than to have a reason to film in a lawyers office. Mona messed up the chronological order of storyline during the Erica, Safaree, Tahiry scene. Did you guys see the pink smoke while he was on the bike? Did they allergy find out the gender the other day? Lol someone in editing needs to be written up.

Janessa is not use to the green screen she had way too many hand gestures like she was freestyle battling with the camera. Very talented and pretty girl. Please don’t entertain or phuck Rich “No” Dollas. Did you see how Rich wanted to hug her and she gave him a double hi-five. The curveeeee lmao

I always thought Papoose was an ill lyricist.  I loved his artist Phresh, when he freestyled. I also hoped he was on that Black Love like Pap and not creep squad like dirty feet Pete. Until he met with Janessa. All I heard was him talking about getting her pumped with silicone and leasing fancy cars. This idiot wants to be the new Rich. I hope baby girl does them all just like Cardi and blows up and leaves them behind. Don’t sign anything with these reality fools.

Chrissy, honey, darling. Jimmy doesn’t want to marry you which is why he doesn’t think that certain things you don’t need to know. He totally disregarded how Chrissy felt about the foreclosure. The pride comment he made proved it all. Chrissy hasn’t left Jim because she doesn’t want to lose the time invested. You proposed to the man and you’re still not married but together? How Sway!!?? Lmao Chrissy likes to escalate shiet for no reason; it must be the liquor courage. Also Chrissy’s whole crying to the investors; I honestly laughed. I wouldn’t trust Chrissy with not even a penny of my money. I can’t wait for the reunion show so we can address the messy heaux that Kimbella is. There was nothing said for her to run to Chrissy about other than a storyline. Hopefully she wears panties all season because I have a feeling someone will be mopping the floor with her at some point this season.

LHHNYC is the originator of the whole LHH dynasty and this season is showing people why the franchise has grown the way it has.

The previews for next week are SPICY.


Whatever happened with Yandy and Safaree?