The Recap: LHHHollywood Season 6 Episode 3

The Recap: LHHHollywood Season 6 Episode 3


All cap and no pen

Let’s jump right back in...





It’s LHHH Season 6 Episode 3


Before the fur and hair started to fly they removed all rodents and rabbits from the premises with a quickness. Why is Angry browed rabbit trying to fight that man’s wife. Looking like a Ducktail in drag.  Wrong and strong for no reason. Yoyo you put your money on the wrong racehorse with his one. Devil in a blue dress indeed. That girl pranced on over to Lyrica happy to tell her that she slept with her husband. Her track record shows she has no shame and seems to purposely go after married men. I guess sample what you’ll never have??‍Karma’s a big bish so she better never get her feelings involved. Silly rabbit, turning trix and swallowing kids; I said what I said.


Zell and P lol..P reminds me of a black Rebel Wilson ??The blonde hair didn’t help either. Zell, Zell, Zell. They need to get all the gay male besties on one show and call it a day. Zell, Dr Evil, Bobby, Milan...a reality meets Pose. But send them on a trip somewhere on some Real World ish= tv gold.


You have to commend B2K for making it through the tour. Leave personal at the door, tour and go your way. I don’t foresee B2K making new music together. Mona’s access was super restricted. Everything was blurred from the posters to security. Access denied? I get the Apryl/Fizz how he explained it. With both of their partners AWOL they’re trying to create a stable child environment.


Now when Joc brought up Pretty Ricky telling women on the bus no condoms were going to be used. That ain’t a lie. That Celina girl isn’t special. 


So Kurupt is the judge and jury on things rap related now? That scene with Micky, Yoyo and Kurupt was so chopped and edited. It felt like Yoyo shuttled him in from a drug outreach group she probably holds smh.  If you’re paying attention you can see how much that scene was edited by his sunglasses. He looked high and couldn’t stop fidgeting. I hope he kicked his habit. That queue for him and Micky to exit scene was right on time.




A1 got in the car with his Mom and I thought I moved the cursor on my laptop. Come to find out it’s that woman’s piercing. Forgive me Lord. I just grew up in a time when no ones mammy had them shiets in her face. How’s this man going to pop off on his Mom like she wouldn’t rock his shiet frfr. A1s Mom looks like a lifetimer from Scared Straight/60 Days In, she’s so rough she makes Momma Dee look like Kelly Rowland LMAO. Meanwhile A1s “style” is Fetty/TPain/Waynesque minus the catalog. Lyrica you named your child correctly. Throw that fish of a husband back into the Ocean . A1s out here practicing rodent beastiality but singing about “I can keep a secret”?From the looks of it, obviously you can’t. Of course A1s security and hired help are going to lie that’s a work prerequisite. That’s part of their job requirement. So Lyrica smashed that who A1 referred too?I need clarification;yes,no? She took a DNA test so the baby is yours A1. Then he admitted to smashing Hopalong like it was an achievement and he picked the highest reaching fruit?. Lyrica that man renewed his vows and pledged to stay faithful until he cheated again. Run girl run.


Now next weeks episode....iz ready