LHHHollywood Season 6 Episode 21

LHHHollywood Season 6 Episode 21


Finally the last episode of the season




LHH Hollywood Season 6 Episode 21

Paris said: “on my life we’re fighting” all while wearing a one titty Lil Kim orange Sarong. She looked like the Great Pumpkin from Charlie Brown.

Yes honey gather bitter Brittany together. I swear there’s never been a sane Brittany on any LHH franchise.

Was Zell high?!? Why did that MFKEr start Caldwell crocodile crying, chest heaving with not a tear drop in sight; then Paris’ ass joined in.

Lord; the episode just started.

KMichelle ripped through Brittany and had me Google searchingto see what songs Brittney has been credited for. Ole girl couldn’t even just name drop 1 song? It’s Grammy nominated. She couldn’t drop the name of any songs? That would’ve been royalties in her pocket because everyone would’ve been running to download it. Who does she AR for?!? I have gifts to wrap. Someone research please and post the gift receipts.

On God, I thought when they asked A1 what he wanted to say...I was waiting for that man to come out the closet and say he’s gay. “Get right with God”? Please elaborate sir. A1 was able to “show emotion” because he had shades on. That MFKer probably didn’t blink and looked into the ceiling stage lights to tear up...stop playing with me.

I’m glad Slick left Mick. He just doesn’t do it for me. Get well to Slick. She was probably what sealed the deal for him to get on LHH. I’m sure Akon was more than happy to make an appearance and collect a cheque. Probably used it towards building a highway in Africa or some other brilliant thing other than LHH.

Jason Lee.......can we trade him for Chris Milan next season. Or just someone else. His whole mouth area reminds me of a cats asshole. I had a cat once and she had too much personality. The heaux would walk away and show me her asshole when she was mad. Jason reminds me of her.

What ever happened to Moneice’s sex toys? She should’ve paired up with Mimi and her shower rod; missed opportunity. I’m glad Moneice is taking a break. I also hope shes not leaving just to go do a different reality show.  She’s had time to save a nice chunk of change and should invest.  We know she’ll be back eventually. Because no one really leaves LHH; TT, Chrissy, Joseline, KMichelle, Erica Mena....no one.

Fizz has never been called a bad father he just cant deal with Moniece’s crazy and he doesn’t want to be with her. Review Moneice’s history and no matter who Fizz likes she runs interference. Even when Fizz wants to heaux around in peace; there’s Moneice. As long as the heauxz aren’t around their child Moneice shouldn’t care. Fizz was happy when Mo was with AD  and Moneice still had issue who Fizz dated. That’s you child’s father; nothing more. This is prime reason why I no longer date men with children. I’m not built for jail and I’m not about to kill anyone’s baby mother in self defence.

I’m glad this season’s over and hopefully Mona gives some of the cast their walking papers. I predict a Jboog and TT storyline next season.