The Recap: LHHNYC Season 10 Episode 1 & 2

The Recap: LHHNYC Season 10 Episode 1 & 2


Can you believe it’s been 10yrs it LHHNYC.

OMG I feel so olllldd lol


LHHNYC Season 10 Episode (1 2)


Chrissy is still a plus one. Haaaaaa I don’t know what else to say because she still isn’t Mrs.

Kimbella and Yandy both came through with ponytails while shooting the same scene. Kimbella was foul and is still foul for what she said about Yandy adopting a child. Both of them sitting there with their hand on their jaw looked like Michael Jackson before and after the Pepsi commercial.

It seems like all the men and women of Dipset still don’t like each other. I never felt like Chrissy made the series as she claims. More that she was just quick to fight and not very bright. With characters like Joseline, Tommie....I guess so huh Chrissy, touché.

Lexington is sooooo cute. Cyn I don’t know if you missed the memo but Joe Budden has always been a cheater. You choose the wrong horse to hitch your carriage to. Joe has always been a serial cheater as per every person who’s dated him. He hasn’t been the same since Tahiry said no and he was even cheating on her smh

Mena and Safaree. I pray for Safaree lol Did you hear him say how could he not fall in love with the female version of himself? I said oh honey that is narcissism lol. That kiss between Mena and Safaree with all the tongue for the camera, was terrifying. Never forget how Rich tried to walk on water across a table to fight Safaree. I still don’t understand the platinum placenta comment Safaree made.

Papoose is the only person to have any sense on this show when it comes to love. FLord, protect him at all costs. Don’t let him ever cheat.

When Kimbella told Chrissy that she’s a “new her”. The first thing I thought was...oh you went and took a boxing class and learned how to fight? Kimbella has everyone trying to whoop her ass. You need to learn to defend! Had poor Yandy hollering and buffering your beat downs and shiet. Kimbella’s “I dated Fab” moment is forever a moment in history. Hell, Emily is still living the same life.

Joe was on tour being a who-re. Joe you cheated. Stop gas lighting Cyn. Shiet makes me so mad. Fee outed Joe so long ago so it’s insulting that he’s still trying to play innocent as if Cyn’s crazy and walked away for no reason.

That verse Papoose dropped, I know it had Joe feeling a way in a corner lol.

Fat Joe is just reality show hopping. I’m not mad at you at all, collect your check sir.

Remy’s party was a musical chairs game of genital. Just too much going on to the point that it was a storyline for a orgy. Can’t tell me I’m not lying. All the anger, hate and familiarity would make for some great scenes. Mona take note this could be a new avenue lol. The power of the almighty dollar is what got them all in the same room anyways.......Remy’s facial expression said it all.

Rich walked over to Safaree and Mena and all he could say was congratulations. What else was he going to do? Fight a pregnant ex and her fiancé, for what? I’m just curious as to why would Rich even mention wanting to spit on Mena?  Also was that production who nudged him to go over?  The whole scene had him looking bay shiet crazy

Lord forgive me. That im lowkey sad Emily didn’t come back. I “think” Mona was probably scouting Emily too.; afterall she has the best storyline.   Which is why Fab has been “playing” nice. The Dark Room knows the tea about who Emily was spending time with in the summer. Imagine if Emily came on the show? Plus she’d be able to get Herb on via her daughter. Apparently Fab wasn’t having it none of that at all. Especially with the assault charges. I wanted to see if they were able to seamlessly replace the teeth knocked out of Emily’s head. We don’t really see Emily smile with teeth or speak. Kind of a hip hop Melania

Remy got out of dodge real quick when Chrissy came. Crazy that Chrissy had an issue with Yandy managing Jim but wasn’t Yandy his manager. The irony is that Chrissy brought up Yandy checking Jim about buying purses and how he spends his money; but look who’s house went into foreclosure. Life comes at you fast huh? Chrissy was not trying to clear the air and is still clearly still full of rage.  Kimbella just teamed up with who she thinks is a fighter and doesn’t want a beat down from lmao. Can’t beat them, join them. Chrissy’s out here threatening to slap Yandy for doing her job and wanting them her to stay “small”. It’s called growth Chrissy.

The whole Kimbella and Chrissy thing is such an odd pairing. It’s even crazier that Chrissy mentioning that she’s a part of “Lady Millionaires” and flipping houses but...lose your own house.

Yandy, Cyn, Rich coming together to gossip is very; who hasn’t been in Mena’s crotch. I believe everything they said. Fee even confirmed it himself. Safaree blink 2 times. In fact....FEE CHARGE RICH WITH TALKING DARK ROOM TEA!! I see him all over the IG page so I know his creep squad ass is in here.

Kimbella and her tiddies make no sense. She hopped up in her animal print diaper butt mad about nothing. How is Kimbella mad at Yandy for reading an article that she didn’t write. Then again I get it because Kimbella lost her house too.

Erica is dumb to think she shouldn’t have had a private conversation about a prenup. To pop that on him is just....I understand his reaction. Mena is scared of becoming one of the women who’s husband she used to sleep with. Safaree lawyer up indeed.

Fine y’all roped me in.

The season previews alone...Locked and loaded. LHHNYC

I’m glad the Bianca, Britney, Kiyanna, Jacques,remember that rap girl group..... tragic..I’m glad they’re gone.