The Recap: Dec 1-Dec 8, 2019

The Recap: Week of: Dec 1-Dec 8, 2019


 DC...Destiny’s Child NOT the Comic

I told y’all this was coming.Notice there’s more Beyoncé/Solange tea this week. I was listening to different radio stations at the shop and I noticed a lot of DC music in rotation.


Funny thing is that Matthew’s out here trying to keep hope alive for that Destiny’s Child reunion . Meanwhile Solange has the secrets in her closet no longer trapped and Beyoncé’s dancers are ready to say off with her head and show us the bread.


As Matthew’s IG page:

“It’s Music World Wednesday!

Unreleased Girl’s Tyme coming soon in all streaming platforms...”

If you followed Destiny’s Child career that was previously the groups name which consisted of Latavia, Latoya, Beyoncé and Kelly.

Let me speak it into existence....can we get a Proud Family Christmas on Disney + for the holidays. I’m one of the last beings who hasn’t activated their trial membership. I’m holding out lmao.

I wonder if Michelle is hesitant and holding things up? I know her psyche was fragile and ppl stay ripping on her. I doubt the ladies would tour without her in case that would be her “tipping point”

It’s just crazy how Mathew can release a whole book on December 2 and is plotting unreleased music and yet not peep from Mrs Yonce herself. Just silent as a the night in that Christmas song.

A 2020 Tour of Destiny’s Child (with all members) + the Spice Girls....tell me that wouldn’t be fire? Take all my money, yes please!! Instant sold out show. Make it happen.



So the house in Toronto previously owned by Prince is for sale. I used to walk in area during the summer years back. It’s in the same Bridlepath area where a man low key owned a Tiger and people didn’t really “known” until the Tiger took a bite out of the crime of being held captive.

Anyhow...This is the part where I pass the collection plate. I’d play diamonds and pearls and dress in skin and blouse all over that bad boy.

Speaking it into existence y’all lol.



Now Ri I love you and imma let you finish but...

You’re here prancing with A$AP in horrible looking cornrows (being honest and from a place of love lol)

Drop the single before the year ends.

Thanks and kisses.

Eyez well ready nuh.

Buju is out here mashing up the place and looking like chocolate Zaddy. Demarco has slimed down and looking like skinny Rick Ross.

Strike while the iron is hot!


Back to the.....


Future debuted he’s previously owned/ leased vehicle named Lori. He retro fitted the fast speed vehicle with what the rapper considers an air purifier” aka an AP. One has to wonder; when this car is traded in will it be stripped down of its customized fittings. The shiesty Mr Potato head car sales man swore he knew what cars were the best. However this car seems to depreciate in value with every new driver. It’s easier to sell a car that’s had little to no previous owners. Apparently the vehicle has a Nissan engine with a Phantom wrapping. Which is understandable as it’s mother is a  Chrysler 300  drug getaway car disguised as a Bentley.  I don’t understand the sneaking in and out of places. We all know y’all together.

I’m just happy Mr Potato head said the right country. Mrs Universe: SOUTH AFRICA



So Brandy formerly known as “M-to the-Moesha” has announced that a reboot of the popular ’90s sitcom (show run 1996-2001) is a goooo.

Earlier this week during a DIVA Foundation event Sheryl Lee Ralph (she played Mo’s stepmom on the show) asked Brandy:

“We would like to know, would you like to do a ‘Moesha’ reboot?”

Brandy: “Yeah! Absolutely,” “I’m here to solidify that we’re gonna bring ‘Moesha’ back.”

Now this is interesting news. I remember when pressed previously Brandy had flat out said no. In fact she mentioned how hard it would be being that (Hakeem) Lamont Bentley and Yvette Wilson (Andell) had passed away.

Then a few year back,2017ish, Brandy opened up about being unhappy with how the show ended. If you followed the show you know it ended on a cliff hanger with Miles being snatched and an unknown someone ending up pregnant. I’m guessing with “Star” being cancelled this would have to be thee time to do this. A lot of 90s show actors have been finding steady income and a new 15min clock doing reboots. From “Fuller House”, “90210” to “Girl Meets World” old classics have been microwaved and fed back to us ‘a la leftovers and being successful.

I’m curious if Countess Vaughn and Shar Jackson (Kevin Federlines first baby Momma) are sipping Flat Tummy tea in case they get the call back too.  I’m sure Marcus Paulk must’ve heard the news already lmao. Hell I’m sure he probably hears the future ALL the time lmao(I’m horrible I know, forgive me Lord). What about Fredo Starr (Q)?

I personally miss 90s tv shows. There were so many great Black tv shows. From Hanging with Mr Cooper, Family Matters, The Parkers, Sister Sister, The Parenthood, Fresh Prince, Smart Guy, In The House, Thea...

With all these new streaming services being made available Netflix, Hulu, Zeus, Prime....I think that Black Hollywood needs our own streaming service...all Spike Lee,  John Singleton, Tyler Perry (I know...)....just somewhere I can stream Fat Albert, The Cosby’s, Dolomite, Shaft, A different World, Woo, BAPS, ALL THE FRIDAYS even Players Club...all my black hood classics in one place. Shiiiiiiieeeeeetttttt let me wish

With 2020 marking the return of The Proud Family and The Boondocks; which classic show would you like to see rebooted?

*Fun facts Yvette Wilson also worked on Thea. The same “Thea” where Brandy made her first major acting debut and starred with Jason Weaver, Brenden Jefferson etc. Brenden Jefferson


In This Episode of : THAT THE PHUCK!!

Is it art imitating life or life imitating art?

In West Virginia, Amerikkka; 34 cadets who participated in a basic training class were seen raising the Nazi salute in a class group photo.

The training was held from Oct 21-November 27 and I guess the class thought a class picture saluting their racist in chief was a great way to commemorate the moment. 

The photo can be seen online however their faces have obscured to protect their identities while “investigations are ongoing”; True Watchmen form. 

Gov. Jim Justice made a statement that he wanted everyone in the photo fired right down to the photographer who took the photo.

The photo was captioned "HAIL BYRD!", which is allegedly an ode to the class instructor as opposed to Senator Robert Byrd. You know, the same Senator Robert Byrd who was a KKK a Grand Wizard and confessed to creating a Ku Klux Klan chapter before he entered politics.

Byrd died in 2010. But before his overdue departure from earth,  Hillary Clinton was quoted as saying that Byrd was “who she sought guidance from since her first day in the Senate. “

Tell us more Mrs “super predator” lady.

I wonder how those in denial about racism will spin this? You know the ones who hop into the comments saying “they should’ve complied” when Police are clearly at fault and doing racist shiet.



There’s a petition circulating on Mike Vick’s behalf as apparently the “powers that be” want him removed as Pro Bowl Captain. I guess serving time for dogs is unforgivable along with silent protests. Meanwhile there’s a whole class picture of mini Hitlers. #sameenergy

AB is in Tom Brady’s comments and ppl can’t help but to clown him. That cancel slaps hard don’t it smh 

Melo returned to the world of basketball and is hoping to turn over a new leaf. Hopefully he’ll go easy on the turn overs. He’s not a good ball handler at all......



RIP....JuiceWorld, Big Bird and Oscar the grouch( Caroll Spinney)




And I leave y’all with this for now.......



Niggas cuffing all winter

Now they single in the summer

Everybody boo’d up

They was singing in the summer

I ain’t going back and forth

With you niccas in the summer

Got me in my feelings

Like Chiggy in the summer


I found out Keke didn’t love me,

She ain’t been riding,

She just been hiding,

Sprinter door sliding

That’s how she bumped into her other dude,

And now her other dude,

See her with another dude,

And her other dude,

Cool with her another dude,

I won’t even talk about the other, other dude.

This some she’s gotta have it shiet,

Some Nola and her niggas,

Thanksgiving savage shiet,

Some Russel Westbrook,

Triple double, average shiet

But for me to give a shiet,

I gotta have the shiet,

Thought I had you,

But I had to learn,

I ain’t have you,

I just had my turn,





“Seasons Change” ft Tory Lanez



.....Darkroom ☕️