The Recap: Red Table Talks: T.I & Tiny (Part 1)

The Recap: Red Table Talks: T.I & Tiny (Part 1)


It’s been over a week and over 4million views since the first part of the “Red Table” interview with TI and Tiny dropped. Honestly I wanted to watch it all in one sitting. I started the day it came out and 3mins in I had to stop it. I can only take TI in small doses I can’t OD on ignorance which is more than understandable. With lowered expectations in mind, my spliff and I prepared for the phuckery, narcissism and lies.

Fresh Prince Will made a quick appearance when Tiny and TI rolled up to their house on a golf cart. Will’s more gracious than I am because I personally would’ve been “Where’s Waldo” before they arrived. T.I. was dismayed that Will wasn’t staying for the sit down due to all the “estrogen”. No such luck Clifford the dog. Get prepared to be walked all by your lonely.

TI opened the conversation in full stutter formation right on par with Porky Pig: “ if I say in my defence, if I say in my defence”... “I came here for the tough stuff. No easy ride for me baby...hymengate.”

And so the phuckery commenced.

I finally heard the original clip where the controversy stemmed from.

Host: Have you had the sex talk with your daughter?

T.I: *nonchalantly* Not only have we had the conversation. We have yearly trips to the gynaecologist to check her hymen.


Tarana Burke and Dr Michael Eric Dyson gave their prerecorded opinions during a montage showing TI as a family man and husband peppered along with smiling Deyjah photos. *end montage*

T.I. stated he came to clear up any misconceptions about what’s appropriate and inappropriate. The camera panned to Tiny’s face and the side eye said it all. The sadness written on Tinys face (sigh) and it was only 3mintues into the first sit down.

TI which from this day forward stands for (TOTAL IDIOT/ TYRANT IDIOT) stated he responded in a joking manner when asked how does he deal with parenting in this day and age. Now I don’t know if anyone else caught this part of the interview. However my ass pulled this particular part of the interview back a ton of times like club DJ money pull up. Lord knows I’m not trying to misquote anyone:

“....from a place of truth. I began to embellish  and exaggerate. And I think a lot of ppl kinda like took it extremely literal”

This is the moment the true T.I. made his appearance in full arrogance. Leaning forward in his signature condescending tone, hand gestures and mannerism. TI is shown starring right into the camera

“... because if you put any of my reputation, like who I am as a father and who I’ve been. I honestly thought ppl knew me better than that.”

He stated he didn’t understand the sensitivity of it (hymengate) and his intentions have been terribly misconstrued.


“Never said I was in any exam room; that is an assumption, that is a falsity”

“Never said that it was being done present day. As an 18yrs old...”

Tiny interjects:

“She was 15-16yrs old at the time”


“Never said her mother wasn’t present...”

Tiny: “he didn’t make the appointment. He was just there..”

TI stated Deyjah and her mother didn’t object to him being in the office. However Deyjah did object to him discussing it with the public like he did. No shit Sherlock!!?!

Tiny then explains that Deyjah is a quiet child and you have to nudge things out of her. Question for you Tiny: Knowing all of that, why the phuck would TI think at anytime it would be okay to discuss his daughters hymen with the world?

TI feeling the heat then questions the women at the table: “What’s the responsibility as a father?” As if what he was doing is a part of being a father. While the ladies spoke all T.I. had to say was:

“right, ok, gotcha, sure, I respect that, exactly, ummhmm”  accompanied with a hand on mouth, and elbow on table. Signature passive aggressive, condescending and also telling gestures.

In fact T.I. grimaced when asked if he was trying to control his daughters virginity:

T.I: “The word control is order to guide or direct you must have a certain level of control of anything.....”

Jada’s laugh, Tiny and Momma Pinkett’s face in that moment....HAAAAAA!! If Momma Pinketts face twisted anymore it would be on backwards.

TI then tries to sound educated and deep by delving into the plight of the black women being the most unprotected, unattended, disregarded women on the planet.

T.I: “I’m being criticized because I’m willing to go above and beyond to protect mine. And I’m talking about all of the slimy, grimy, checker fingered little boys. Who want to just come and defile and destroy the sanctity that I have....I don’t understand anything that is the most important thing to me in my life. I am going to deal with that with very extreme control ...For there to be malice there must be ill intent”

I swear the man was talking about himself the whole time!!

T.I you can throw out all the “big words” you’ve read in jail and can’t spell. Doesn’t make you anymore educated than you actually are.

TI went on to say that since Deyjah is now 18 he doesn’t have control of anything. That getting Deyjah to where she is now in life; that the concept of love, beauty, sex all the lines have been blurred due to social media etc. There has to be someone there to clarify what’s acceptable/ unacceptable and that he trusts and believes he put moral standards,principles and greatness in all of his children. And until they can unlock it, it needs to be harnessed.

T.I then goes on to explain some of the things that he’s told his daughter:

“Keep your expectations low. You can’t get your feelings wrapped up in this now. This is a physical urge. Animalistic urges taking over right here. This is not an emotional, romantic, encounter for this gentleman. Don’t think it is......defile and destroy”

Followed by Deyjah should be afraid of what’s out there.

TI also stated that once you lose your virginity you’re no longer a child. WHAT?!?

Question Total Idiot:

What about children who’re sexually assaulted?

Momma Pinkett brought up what I’ve been saying all along. What about his sons. TI then states that the household isn’t changed for 9months if his son(s) get someone pregnant however it does right away when a girl does. Let me tell you I nearly slid out my chair and onto my ass. I think that was my body’s way of telling me I’ve reached my limit of phuckery.

Smarty pants TI then states he’s heard the word patriarchal before(but can’t pronounce it) or know what it is. He’s also curious if females have tried to  explain the word.

I paused the interview even though it was almost done. I went to cook and find anything else to do to get a breather from the idiocy.

Tiny sat during the majority of the interview, legs crossed and as quiet as a gagged church mouse. The most T.I interacted with her was a shoulder shake/rub/jerk gesture. Body language is everything ppl.

TI: “I don’t think that our community, our culture, our generation can be pushed forward  by having comfortable, convenient, conversations...”

Who nominated this idiot to speak on the behalf of educated and forward thinking black people who’re daily having respectful and forward moving conversations. LORDDDD.

Followed by he’s so sorry Willow couldn’t join. Jada laughed as she should and stated he may be happy in the long run. Sir, bless your lucky stars Willow wasn’t there. I truly believe she would’ve whipped her hair back and forth and handed your ass to you like it should’ve.

The first half of this 2 part interview did nothing more than solidify the arrogance, ignorance and grand delusions of Mr Harris. T.I. is afraid of what’s out there knowing exactly the bullshiet he’s done and more than likely still doing. Nothing more than the fear that his children will “suffer from the sins of the father” (himself).



Over the years Ti has cheated on Tiny relentlessly. From Hoopz, video girls, Tinys friends and the random women he continues to try to recruit for play dates. Having Tiny sit handcuffed curb side over guns and pills. Losing their first daughter and his insensitivity at the time towards Tiny. Not to mention the Mayweather incident. T.I has given more than enough examples of what his children shouldn’t do. In fact he should be shielding his children from his own deeds. It’s as if he thinks we’ve forgetton Zonnique had to come to her mothers defence over T.I. meeting heauxz at a hotel. How many children does TI have total? Not just the ones he claims? Every demeaning adjective T.I used to describe men is exactly what he is and embodies.  TI has peddled his bullshiet and his self proclaimed Kingliness for far too long. In fact who even dubbed this smiling jester of a man a King?!? T.I. has made a fortune off of his trap/pimp persona so no one should be shocked that he treats the women in his life like his owned heauxz. The man is the personification of contradiction.  Never forget how he called for everyone to cancel Gucci over racism, while still wearing Gucci. Now he’s out here on some “cancel culture is fake and convenient” No Captain idiot. Only thing fake and convenient is yourself.  How much did Gucci pay you in free clothing for you to stop the boycott? I need a Killer Mike or David Banner to remove Tyrant Idiot from deeming himself as the voice of the culture. Hip Hop has been a sesspoll of misogyny for so long Mr Harris seems to find it offensive that women now have something to say. Especially since he believes being a  feminist means women need to speak and men shut the phuck up. If anything this interview showed where the ignorance from some of these new rappers may stem from be it the Blueface’s, Kodak’s and YoungBoy Idiots. T.I added nothing positive to the negative misconceptions of the black man. Im going to take the advice from Mr Harris’ songs....”you can have whatever you like....”

I can have whatever I like which is cancelling this fool. You won’t ever catch me at a T.I concert. Not a dime darling. Hit em where it hurts. T.I go take a women’s studies course and learn term “patriarch”. Think of all the things you can do on your cancel/timeout spare time instead of trying to trapper keeper these new heauxz out here. You can try and market T.I. as a family man all you like on whatever reality show they’ll try and peddle. You’d have an easier time convincing me that Casey Anthony is the worlds best mother. I’m glad that Rhytmn+ Flow aired before this.  If they do a Season 2 kindly remove T.I. and replace him with Ludacris, Big Boi, E40, Too$hort, Snoop....there’s a long ass list of options.

I need a mental break to decompress before watching part 2 before I put a fist through my laptop screen. The preview alone was triggering.

Good grief.

Siri: “what are the long term effects of being exposed to narcissism ...”

Asking for a friend....