The Recap: FABOLOUS: SummerTime ShootOut 3

The Recap: FABOLOUS: SummerTime ShootOut 3



1)Cold Summer  (PLAY)


“Talk to God / before I talk to ppl from the blogs”

..”karma is a bish /who heauxz around/ and comes back for me”



Was made if for nothing else than to be played at basketball games. Backed by an annoying ass beat the song starts off sounding like recycled lines from an Aubrey song and name dropping basketball teams and player. Have a little patience. I think all of that is to throw you off the scent of the tea the songs lyrics delves into.


“Money talks/ shorty’s speaking this language/ buy her a car/ she gon’ switch lanes quick/ I got short on money/ I don’t explain shit/ do you wanna boss up/ or just change shifts/pretty lil joint/ and she gets things lit/ baby got a crew/ on some rich gang shiet/ PNB Meek/ muscled the same bish/ if you look in her eyes/man that shits dangerous....”


3)Talk To Me Nice (ft Meek Mills) (PASS)

This track was created so both men could hear their own voices when out at boys night in the strip club. A strippers drug tripping dream. Simply terrible and a disservice to the history of both men’s work.


4)Cap ft Lil Durk(PASS)

If any promoters plan on booking Lil Durk please yak notes when booking his hotel. Just get smoke/cleaning insurance in advance.


...”I smoke out my hotel with my board/ if she don’t phuck/ she gotta pay for that charge”

...”when these drugs run down/ imma turn up to the max..”

The song caps off of its own title. The irony I tell you.


5)Gone for The Summer (Ft A Boogie)(MEH)

“..Gone for The Summers/ spent over 100 thousand/ you really buggin/ thinking I couldn’t live without you/ Gone for The Summer/ came back with 200 thousand/ shootouts in the summer...


Fab spits:

..”I never brag/ how will I keep it...”

then proceeds to use metaphors to talk about his money, bragging about his years of heauxing, and how cold summer 2019 was. The Dark Room knows what kind of Summer some ppl allegedly had.


6)Seasons Change (ft Tory Lanez) (MEH)

I prefer Fabulous without the autoTunnnnneee

Autotuneee is not for youuuuuuuu ohhhh

Tory was the best part of the song but is it really worth listening to Fab rap about “Keke” a la Drake. It was weird.


7)Bae Dreamin ft YFN Lucci (Love/Hate)

YFN enters the track reminiscing about forward cowgirl and a wipe down...

...“Last night was a workout /we did gym positions/ She be squatting down/ do it with a mission/ talking hardcore /lil Kim edition/ yeah/ then she wipe me down/ like she doing dishes/yeah...”

how romantical...LMAO


For me the melody and chorus would’ve sounded better with a different artist. Fab added nothing to his own song.


8)Mind (Ft Jacquees)(PASS)

The Lord Farquaad of RNB assists on the track.

Jacquees gave Pretty Ricky, TPain, Tory Lanes and Teddy Riley all in one. It’s like he’s trying to embody the spirits of RNB singers pass.


9)Choosy (ft Jeremih Davido)   (PLAY)

My favourite track off this body of work. It just feels like the summer. I can see this track being performed in the future when Fab reaches into his bag of hits. I’ve been rocking to this song at the shop and it just makes you wanna DiddyBop.

Davido makes an appearance on the track. Y’all remember that Dark Room tea about him?

“If I tell you/ Fee will kill me/ I no tell/ I no tell /nobody...” lol


10)Oh Yeah (ft Ty Dolla) (PASS)

Ty expresses his love for designer handbags. Fab and Ty name drops every designer brand. I’m wondering if either men plan on marketing this for commercial use? Ya I have nothing else.


11)Options (ft PNB, Gucci, 2 Chainz)   (PLAY)

Everything about this song/lyrics/ melody sound as if it should’ve been ghost written/ story board for women. Listen to it, come back and tell me I’m wrong:


PNB- Rihanna

Fab - Young Ma

Gucci - Meg The Stallion

2 Chains - Cardi


Make it happen ladies *fingers crossed*

(Ladies Night a La 2020)


12)Insecure    (PLAY)

Fab chop and screws the best parts from his “Throw it in the Bag” track ft The Dream. Which plays in an ominous loop and at times subs in as Fabs punchlines as he interrogates his lady luv...

“ Phuck that Nic@@“


“That nicca all around the world/ I thought he had a girl/ Did you...”

Anyone else notice how the song cut off right as homegirl was about to go off on the things the man did in the relationship lmao


13)Frenemies ft Josh K     (PLAY)

Josh K seamlessly meshes Whodini/Friends and The Ojays Backstabbers. This is what features are supposed to be. Now I’m looking for more of his work.


“When you mix friend with foe/ That’s a deadly synergy”

The track ends in a Reggae/Jazz mish mosh that’s just waiting to be used in a Spike Lee movie.


14)Time ft Roddy Ricch    (PASS)

A song about Rolex purchasing because the most valuable thing a person can give you is their time.

Fab will hurt you but you’ll get a Rolex, Birkin, Maybach curtains, phucking and getting high.

“She’s not a buss down thotian/ So she gets the buss down watchian”


This track was a waste of my time(autotune)

Raptors are doing fine without Kawhi, we’ve been eating either way. Kindly move and gwhey thank you (sincerely from the North)


15)Us Vs The World (ft Chris Brown ft Teyanna)   (PLAY)

“ The only one that didn’t leave/ Gets to stay”

Chris’ much talent...

cocaine is a hell of a drug.

A song about love and its regrets. Fab mentioned some of the most toxic love stories to be basis of what he wants his relationship to be: Bobby/Whitney

Bonnie/Clyde, Sexy Love that not even Neyo know about (HAAAAAAAA DEAD)

Teyanna talks about phucking, her pushy being wet, shooting up a club (umm didn’t Chris do that...)while her best Lil Kim impersonation on her verse. She then jumped to her Brandyesque runs to end the track. Fab then finishes the track on a mixed beat of “TrillVille” Some Cut; bed creaks included.

16)Too Late ft Jeremih   (PLAY)

“...Nobody wins/When the family feuds”

“..It’s not too late, but don’t make me have to choose. “

At the very end of his body of work. Fab drops a track dedicated to his family. The “apology” track that  Emily “deserved” more than two front teeth and seasons on LHH ago. The song includes the vocals of Johan and Jonas (Fab and Emily’s children). A sweet way to cap off the body of work.


Verdict: 10/16

Fab to me has always been JaRule/LLCoolJ/Auberyish. He’s a lover man who incriminates himself on his tracks. Leave it in the art, right? He’s had his hits over the years with the majority of his hits geared to the ladies. Every body of work to date has produced at least 2-3 memorable tracks. This album stays right on par with that trend.


The production is impeccable. Whomever is responsible for beat selection in Fabs camp needs all their coins. If anything the beats are near flawless and at times it’s Fabs lyrics, theme and flow that cannot hold a flame to the instrumentals selected.