The Recap: Week in Review (Nov 11-17)

The Recap: Week in Review (Nov 11-17)


The Recap: Week in Review (Nov 11-17)




So is Melo going to send on my cut of this new Portland TrailBlazers deal? I mentioned him last week and look now he’s signed. Not to mention highlights from “best Melo basketball moments”  have been added to the sports reel. Had me reliving Melo in this big ass ill fitting suits and cornrows.

Of course Lillard is “all for” Melo joining the team. That’s what he’s supposed to say when your teams record is 4-8. Not to mention has a different roster than the team that carried them to the playoffs last season. Some see this as an act of desperation on the Blazers side. Welp, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Hopefully Melo’s return will prove to be as fruitful as Dwight Howard’s return to the Lakers (minus the thumb in the bum) Afterall with bevy of notable players looking for a callback:  Joakim Noah, Jamal Crawford, JR Smith, Jodie Meeks..... Carmelo will be a test to see if old dogs can be put on time out, called back and taught new basketball tricks.



With .8 seconds left in the game the Cleveland Browns Myles Garrett decided to audition for dancing with the stars. He took to the field with his rendition of swing dancing which involved swinging and hitting your opponent, Steelers Mason Rudolph, in the head with a helmet.

I watched the footage. All I got was Garrett looks like Phor (Black Ink: Chicago) when Phor had dreads. Also why do all that when Cleveland was set to win the game anyways. Smh


Case of the Mad “King”

First T.I. shook the Iggy tree, then sparked the cancel culture discussion(mind you he called on “us” to boycott Gucci). As we all know he followed through with the haymaker that is hymen gate. The irony now is look who’s now being cancelled. Opp!!

Deyjah has apparently unfollowed almost everyone in her “inner circle” on social media. Women’s rights organizations have launched  campaigns, media and PSAs warning about “virginity checking”. The memes are endless.

Tiny had the bright idea to take a “husband and wife” picture to post on IG. At first I wondered if it was their new profile picture for “couples looking for play friends”. Then I remembered Tiny in that hotel lobby busting TI cheating ass and Zonnique having to go to war online with her biological dad/stepmom over it. Tiny sitting on the curb handcuffed, Hoopz, the whole you slept with my employee thing, the side babies kept off camera..... Tiny if you ever needed a perfect time it get out, this is a perfect time.

This ain’t it. I looked at the picture Tiny posted the other day as her potentially testing the waters for crowd reception. People have littered Tinys comments asking if Deyjah is okay and Tiny has been responding in Omarion. “Unbothered”.

Thing is Tiny had bought a house and moved the children after Mayweathergate and ppl picking apart Asia’h Epperson for being TI’s side piece and a biscuit. Why Tiny continues to go back baffles me. Low self esteem is a thing or does TI have footage of Tiny al la RKelly’s trunk of VHS’. You have to wonder what this man has on this woman for her to continue to stay. Not to mention where is Deyjah’s biological mother and family in all of this?

Somewhere, someone is in production of their little reality show editing and cutting scenes TI appears in. Along with reshooting scenes to include this as a storyline.

They may as well cancel the show. Monica doesn’t want anyone talking about Shannon’s shenanigans, knocking Gates or diving into “Trouble”. Toya and Latoya don’t want to bring to light their cheating men. And now TI gate...production should consider renaming the show GetOut/Wives Addition or Do as I say/ Not as I Do.


‘Ye out here ‘Yeing

In this weeks news of “the man who once said George Bush hates black people but now wears a MAGA hat” artist formerly known as Kanye.

Kayne continues his tour of religious exploitation and calling it music. This time him and his Sunday Service stopped in Houston, Texas at drumroll please....Joel Osteen mega church.

The same Joel Osteen who refused to allow ppl to seek refuge in his unflooded church while Hurricane Harvey had its way with Houston.

Seems Kardashi-Ye forgot the events of Hurricane Katrina and black people as a whole when selecting this venue. Then again the venue was probably selected by the MAGA  believing/sympathizing handlers within his camp.

What do we expect when ‘Ye is against nudity and porn but married and choose to breed into a porn/sex/nudist/build-a-body fuelled family.At this point it just looks like people in the Kolony are going to let this continue until Ye implodes. I bet my last dollar DimKim is plotting her exit....queue “Gold Digger”...18yrs....18yrs....

Hopefully ‘Ye’s dad can talk sense into him after appearing in the rappers “Follow God” video. The video and song to me is déjàvu and comes off as a tamer “N**** in Paris”. Flashy cars replaced with an atv driven at geriatric pace through snow. ‘Ye raps on the track; in spite of him recently claiming rap as blasphemous. I swear this shiet writes itself.

Oh and in case you wondered. Yes “Jesus Is King” is on Tidal. Which makes you wonder if Beyoncé could’ve referred a better venue. You know, her being a Houston native and all. Then again what can anyone tell the “Greatest artist God has created..”

Someone queue the Apollo clown .....


Dancehall Run Down

Former Friends Shenseea and Jada Kingdom continue to pick each other apart a la Lil Kim/Foxy Brown.


Vybz Kartel continues to top the dancehall charts while letting the masses know that Sean Paul and Shaggy are not authentic dancehall music. To further his claims and in spite of winter and global warming Vybz new track has “Scorched Earth”...the song is produced by TJ Records and as the chorus states “we need Vybz Kartel..” To add to his chart topping assault Vybz followed with a next track called “Brave”. If Addi isn’t brave giving it to the world from behind prison bars.

If you haven’t heard The Gargamels, Buju’s new track, “Trust” you’re missing out. Trusssss


Elephant Man has returned to “Find it” and tek it to dem in full dancers mode and in Neo Matrix swag. Don’t believe me? Go pree the video for the single.


If you’re a Spice fan (LHH ATL) she has a new talk show “Spice It Up”....



He got Game

Spike Lee (Oscar;Blackkkansman) has been called to direct “Prince of Cats” which is the adaptation of a graphic novel written and illustrated by Ron Wimberly.

The project is described as an '80s hip-hop take on Shakespeare’s Romeo Juliet, with the tragic star-crossed love story seen through the eyes of Tybalt; Juliet’s angry and duel-loving cousin.

Spike also has another film that’s piqued my interest, Da 5 Bloods. The triller is currently in postproduction and stars Chadwick Boseman, Paul Walter Hauser and Jonathan Majors

I hope we give Spike all his flowers for the work he’s done in black films over the decades.


RIP John “Pops” Witherspoon

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you should know that John “Pops” Witherspoon transitioned to the other side.

Now what you may or may not have seen or heard is the tea in the eulogies given at Pops funeral.

What particularly piqued my interest was Shawn Wayans speech. During Shawn’s eulogy he stated no one had anything bad to say about Pops with exception to...drum roll......Paul Mooney.

If you can recall back in August of this year, a story went mainstream about Paul Mooney and allegations of underage sexual assault to Richard Pryor Jr (late Comedian Richard Pryor‘s son)

As per Pops via Shawn’s eulogy: Paul did that shiet. Watch it yourself. All you have to do is google the eulogy. I believe them.

Paul has been in “witness protection” ever since. I wonder if Chapelle finna mention Paul in his next stand up show. Or is Paul protected by the LGBTQ+ “mafia” who’s 86ing all of Kevin Spacey’s victims.

Ice Cube m expressed his anger during his eulogy  and apologized to Pops for not getting theLast Fridaymovie made. Apparently even after providing New Line with two scripts the film been in development hell for the last several years. You can’t have a Friday with Pops...can you??? I pray Pops was able to get some vocals done for The Boondocks. Boondocks without grandad?!? I’m going to go cry in a corner....not the cheddar biscuits, NOT THE CHEDDAR BISCUITS!!!


A Moment in Music History...

While watching the Raptors vs Dallas home court live stream I heard them play the instrumental for Teairra Marie’s song “Sponsor”. The song was released in 2010, written by The Clutch and featured Gucci Mane and LHH costar Soulja Boy.

Funny enough BET banned the song for the message the song sent with lyrics like:

Yeah, yeah,

he put them low profiles on my car

He treat me to a pedi plus manicure

Anything that I ask for from my sponsor

He go and bu-bu-buy buy


Fast forward to 2019....”

Stripes on my ass so he call this pussy Tigger

Fuckin' on a scammin' ass, rich ass nigga

Same group of bitches, ain't no adding to the picture

Drop a couple racks, watch this ass get bigger

Drinkin' on liquor, and I'm lookin' at your nigga

If his money right, he can eat it like a Snicker