The Recap: Word on the Curb

The Recap: Whats the Word on the Curb?


NBA News

The Miami Heat’s, Dion Waiters, has been suspended for 10 games by the Miami Heat for conduct detrimental to the team.

The suspense was handed down three days after Waiters was treated for a medical emergency which started on the Heats flight Thursday night for Phoenix to Los Angeles.

Apparently dude started tripping after ingesting an edible. Smh welp now everyone on the team’s about to be tested. This does nothing for former Commissioner Stern’s movement that cannabis and marijuana should be removed from the list of banned NBA substances.


Oh Yellow, Melo....

At the tender age of 35 Mr “I can’t make it to practice“ Carmelo Anthony says he 2000% still wants to play in the NBA.

Melo admits to being “surprised” he remains a free agent since being cut loose by the Houston Rockets last season.

I don’t think anyone paying attention to basketball was surprised. I think we’re more shocked Dwight Howard wears a basketball jersey, a Lakers jersey at that! (but that’s another story). Carmelo is older, carries a reputation, is resistant to coaching direction, injured.... Should I continue?

The NBA is yearly drafting new talent and pulling talent from their G league. From a coaches perspective I’d rather teach a newer dog tricks over an old dog that bites and distracts the pack.

I think Melo would be better off proving himself in the 3on3 league like Joe did. Or make a call to Lin and join him in Beijing.


Music Crumpets with your Tea

Destiny’s Child; New Music on the way!!

So back in October when Matthew Knowles came out stating that he had breast cancer my spidey senses went off. One of the things that went off in my head was that Destiny’s Child is going to get back together. If anything I’ve learned is that Matthew knows how to get his way with the girls. If anything this would be a way to get just that.

Beyoncé had perviously rebuffed the group getting back together. The questions were asked back when she headlined the SuperBowl. Some even thought that the group would reunite and perform during what we now call Beychella (Coachella performance)

I always thought the girls didn’t reunite over how dirty Matthew did Tina and the girls. Matthew owns the group Destiny’s Child. So when they perform under that banner Matthew makes money. I always felt like they didn’t want to reunite because they didn’t want Matthew to eat off of them. He owns the rights to the music as well I believe. That’s always been hush hush since Beyoncé took him to court.

So when Matthew did his interview announcing he had cancer. I knew a reunion and new music would soon follow. Matthew has young children and a new wife. If the ladies are smart let Matthew make some coin off of the Bands name now. Get and work a deal to get all the masters etc. Cross your T’s and dot your I’s. Death is the ending for all and I doubt that this family wants court bloodsport for money when Mr Knowles passes. For example Matthew was in court over $70,822 in back child support regarding the paternity of Koi Knowles, the little girl Matthew had with Solange’s friend while still married to Tina. Who’s headshots are currently trending and popping up on the internet.

The Solange tea that Fee broken months ago went mainstream. There’s also whispers that Kelly Rowland and Tim are over. Kelly has been spotted without her ring as of recent. It would be perfect marketing timing. Beyoncé has finished riding The Carter Tour/Homecoming promo wave and Michelle has been doing her thing when it comes to fashion. Let’s not forget the revival of “The Proud Family”. Hopefully the ladies and Solange reprise their theme song duties

It’s reported that new music is being worked on with an intended December release. I don’t expect there to be any true promotion. Releasing the work and letting it speak for itself has been Beyoncé’s promotional approach as of late.

If these ladies are smart and have been doing their homework they need to tap into their heartbreak when it comes to lyrics and writing. Maybe seek out Babyface. We already know The Dream is one of their go to’s. I would love to hear the ladies take it back to a “Me,Myself and I” “Cater to You” mature RB. Put the hurt into the music. There also has to be that “empowerment” track. It’s December: I want  : “phuck your Christmas gift nicca, did you phuck her cause her ass was bigger? “

I want relatable ass songs anything else is a waste of time. They need whatever Solange wrote in her diary after she kicked JayZ’ ass in that elevator.

What I want to know is who will be releasing the album? Music World/Columbia or will it be a Tidal release? It would also be nice if they brought Latavia and Latoya back. Even if for one song on the album. Let me speak things into existence.

December is gearing up to be a very entertaining music month. That’s a Rihanna album and now a potential Destiny’s Child album.

Save the BEST for last...OH NANA WHATS HER NAME...??? RIHANNA!!

Rihanna has been been in the studio gearing up for a December release of her reggae inspired album.

While it’s been confirmed that Demarco has made the album there’s also murmurs of a Buju, Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley, Luciano, Popcaan, Koffee, Chronixx and Konshens features.

As a child of the Dancehall I shall wait on baited breath for the release.