The Recap: Power Season 6 Episode 10

The Recap: Power Season 6 Episode 10


Tel me what you want,

Tell me what you need,

Tell me we’ve arrived at the mid season finally.




It’s Power Season 6 Episode 10

This episode had so much going on....

Jamie took a stroll down memory lane in an attempt to find a location for the Queens Project and bought his grandfathers bar. Interesting to know a little more of that story since they constantly gloss over it. Imagine if Ghost choose to stay in the hood vs going to live with Tommy.

Tate smiled like the Cheshire Cat when the FEDS showed up to question him about Jamie. Of course he was all too happy to divulge lies to remove Jamie from his political race.

The ghost of Angela in a red dress made an appearance to give a quick pepp talk.

“Don’t tell Ramona shiet; she’s not from the hood”.

Romona went from throwing all kinds of poussy at Ghost on a morning phone call to locking lips in Truth and giggling like a school girl.

Nice to see that the theme of law enforcement constantly breaking the law to frame a black man (guilty or not) hasn’t changed. Of course they’d conduct a sneak search warrant and find the cellphone that Dre planted.

Simon made another appearance claiming to be Jamie’s only friend. Interesting how Jamie’s friend has to always be some blonde white dude Tommy looking person lol

Tasha is still playing the scornful wife and unwilling to let Jamie live a better life. You could see the contempt in her face when Ghost told her that he was moving on with Ramona. Jamie has always wanted to leave the game and no longer be a drug dealer since episode one. Tasha just wanted to live the Scarface life forever; before her became a big coke head and got killed.

Ghost got the thumbs up for his campaign and it’s like it went straight to his head. I felt like Tate wanted to tell Jamie something about Tariq before Jamie walked to his office. Ghost went off on Tate and did the same on Tariq and Dre even though all parties deserved it. He was just on a verbal power trip.

The whole episode I was waiting to see who was going to kill Ghost. When Tommy and Ghost met at the docks and bullets started flying. Sad to see that it was Ghost’s people but thankful it wasn’t Tommy. But then Tommy went missing.

Saxe is still walking around selling his poisonous lemonade. The way he baited Tate was disgusting and triggering. Saxe set Blanca up so badly and I was happy to possibly see everything on Jamie go away. Then the lawyer in a pink suit showed up. Now I’m not sure if they’re coming after Jamie to pursue their careers.

Angela’s sister made one last tearful plea to ask who killed Angela, allowing Romona to snoop in the shadows. No Ramona you can’t compete with the ghost of Angela and unbeknownst to you there will always be secrets.

Ghost spoke all kinds of sense to Tasha in the penthouse. He also dropped that bomb that he knows Tasha killed Kiesha. The mantra of “Nothing can stop me” was all in Ghost’s mouth. My simple ass was waiting on someone to shoot him lol. Cant say Jamie wasn’t right telling Tasha that Riq needs to take some accountability. Bodies are constantly falling around Tariq: RayRay, Kaanan, Proctor and Raina. Raina’s grown up ghost made a cameo in white to tell Ghost that Tasha and Jamie taught them to lie and that Riq needs a timeout.

I hate Tariq. PAUSE. He’s the embodiment of lean/Percocet/clout chasing generation. He doesn’t want to be held accountable and wants ppl to do his time. When he asked Jamie to confess his own crimes, I had an inkling that Tariq was wearing a wire. That demon spawns nostrils started flaring and i was waiting for him to shoot. Especially since Jamie said his first body was around Riq’s age; like some sick right of passage. That boy was fully pissed his Dad wouldn’t take a murder charge for him.

I was shocked that the bald FED dropped that bogus Terry Silver cellphone on the judge. Even more shocked that Rodriguez turned into Saxe. She visited Tate and Angela’s sister to tell them “it was over” she even fed Dre a jailhouse confession and got him out of jail.

Everyone’s dead spirit got some camera time. When Kaanan popped up to talk shiet. I wondered if Sean or Terry Silver would make a cameo too.

The closing scene with everyone walking intensely in an unknown direction (Dre,Saxe, Riq, Tommy) with Ghost looking in the distance and then POP.....followed by a descent.

It’s who shot Ghost.

And I’m like I’ve seen this before; just like who shot Mr Burns on The Simpson’s. Let’s stay true to script. My money’s on the demon baby aka Tariq.

In closing:

Dre has too many get out of jail free cards fr fr.

Everyone’s getting shot and killed except for the right ones (Tariq, Dre, Saxe).

Will Tommy will kill Tasha because of Kiesha.

Where’s Q?

And is Ghost dead?