The Recap: Power Season 6 Episode 9

The Recap: Power Season 6 Episode 9


It's the key to life.

Money, power, and respect.

Whatchu' need in life.

Money, power, and respect.....




It’s Power Season 6 Episode 9


Wait a minute, Wait a minute.

Did they paint tattoos on Avery?

Mr I’m going to take him for everything he’s worth,

Jesse Williams??


I had to pause the show and take a long drawn out HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Is this new Latina lady cop who Angela should’ve been if she wasn’t busy sucking and phucking Ghost? Asking a legit question lol

Tommy and his rings of death. Anytime Tommy loves someone and buys a ring they end up dead.   

Dre is still on his Tekashi traitor ways. Dre had the nerve to talk about people dry snitching to his crew. As if that’s not his national anthem and the allegiance he’s pledged. Dre is so low right now that he’s legit ok to plant a cellphone on Ghost.

Tasha has selective memory. I remember the first episode that Tasha begged Ghost to stay in the game.  I wish Ghost thee that at her during their daycare argument. That was a missed opportunity. Tasha is right up there with Precious’ mother for mother of the year. I lowkey wanted Ghost to choke the life out of her because Tasha has been doing too much for too long. 1800CHOKEDATHOE

When Ghost called the cops on the daycare that was a game changer. Not to mention the FEDS raiding the warehouse thanks to Dre’s dry snitching ass.

Riq’s teacher is a piece of work. He’s onto Riq and his mother and hopefully he takes them both down. Riq looked at Tasha knowing damn well Tasha killed Keisha even before she confessed with and excuse.

Of course Q is back with his random ass, you need me bullshiet. Tasha of course was all too happy to buss it wide open for him on. 

Tommy did some snake ass shiet texting Jason. Not to mention taking the gun. Thankfully Ghost knows how to handle himself and thinks quick on his feet.

Benny returned and  knew what Ghost was saying was true. Just Benny’s whole approach was wrong. The face off at Tommy’s front door. Now Proctors’ daughter has no one.

Tate thought he had things sorted out but Ramona delivered the dagger: “you lost boo”.

Do the FEDS not find it convenient that Tasha knew exactly where to find Terry’s body? Down to what parking level? Of course Saxe is going to pocket the cellphone.

At this point I’m just waiting for this show to end. Riqs the shit head embodiment of the “new” generation. And snitches aren’t ending up in stitches (Dre). Hella weapons formed against Ghost are prospering a little too well to me.

Those previews...everyone is out for blood. Ghost’s blood that is. So much so that Ghost is the only one I actually want to have survive.