The Recap: Power Season 6 Episode 8

The Recap: Power Season 6 Episode 8


What about your friends...

What about your friends, will they stand their ground,
Will they let you down again?
What about your friends, are they gonna be lowdown,
Will they ever be around,
Or will they turn their backs on you?



It’s Power Season 6 Episode 8

Dre you are the weakest link. Now go hid you lil rat. Lol

Tate’s political career has come to all but a screeching halt due to a hot microphone.

Saxe has burned all ends that he has no allies on the force. Now he’s simply a marionette for Tommy and Ghost.

Meanwhile Angela 2.0 is on a war path and snatching children out cars and holding them hostage. Sounds like she got a training course from Saxe.

Cash can’t keep a secret for nothing. As soon as Keisha told Cash not to tell Tommy this dumb dumb runs and tell Tommy. It be your own kids I tell ya.

Tasha killed Keisha but her dumb ass left prints everywhere. Meanwhile Tommy was out buying a ring with Cash.

Tommy about to go full on loco. You ain’t finna find love anywhere Tommy. You have too many bodies on you.

Next weeks preview shows Tate coming at Jamie with the “I know you’re Ghost”. I swear that man for some reason wants the “silver” special. Jason reappears and the Feds come for Tasha.

One less dumb dumb. Just Riq, Saxe, Tate, Tasha and Tommy left.