The Recap: Power Season 6 Episode 7

The Recap: Power Season 6 Episode 7


This is where it goes down

Legal or illegal baby I gotta make it...



It’s Power Season 6 Episode 7


Wake up lil nicca..

Riq wasn’t woken by a c0ck crow more like a glock that’s cold lmao. 


Man....I wish Ghost would’ve gun butt him or summin. Put the fear of God into the feisty shiet. It’s too late for shaken baby syndrome but shake him anyways.


Keisha and her pick me bed wench self. Honestly i don’t know who she was trying to pull rank with. I wanted 2-Bit to grab her and choke her the phuck out. Too bad she killed the man sent by Tommy’s dumb henchmen; NOT Ghost. This girl had a whole dead body in her shop and was talking about houses and a normal life. Bish. Whereeeeee?!? Before you figure out this sheit, your imagination is running to farfarway land. There’s a dead man that you shot in your store. Sort that out first. You want a big house but might end up in the big house where you sleep and shiet in a small box. I was waiting for the house to blow up when Tommy and Keisha walked in. Or burn down like 50 did to his first baby mommas house. Funny how the house looks the same too. I cant stand Keisha/Lala.

Tate is letting a married woman ride him till he can’t no more and getting declined for a PR relationship. Maybe Tate can call Meg...

Tommy should’ve let Riq drop off the building. Instead he left him on the roof looking like a scared straight afterthought. If a Riq falls off a building and no one’s around does it make a sound? I sure wanted to find out.

The way Dre has dodged death you’d swear he was Neo or John Wick. I’m sad ole boy had to get capped. He’s such a kind hearted man offered help getting Riq. He was all about the kids. Was even going to let Dre call his daughter smh.

I knew ole girl wanted Ghost’s zozo. She wants to walk on the wild side. She was so quick to shoot her shot until Tommy interrupted her. She moved with a quickness when Tommy told her to leave lol

So now Ghost and Tommy are banding together to kill Jason (allegedly) We shall see how that works.

Riq is stupid as phuck. What do you want? Anything in the world and this little niglet wants to sell drugs? Tasha probably wished she’d swallowed the phucking fool. Before he goes to school  on a free ride and do something with himself. Of course his ain’t shiet mother is going to sell drugs with him. Tasha has consistently been the biggest idiot of them all. From the time she begged Ghost to continue selling drugs I knew she had not two cents or a scrap of sense.

The St-Patrick’s third child is still missing and unaccounted for. Cash the problem child #2 comes back next episode (in case anyone missed him). Speaking of Cash...who’s his father? Where’s Benny? How have they not figured out Dre killed Donovan..sooooo many questions.

This show needs to be done. One piece of phuckery. I’m watching at this point just because I’ve watched it this far.

Good day, good night...I’m gone to go watch something with sense.