The Recap: The Weekly Wrap Up (Sep22-28)

The Recap: The Weekly Wrap Up (Sep22-28)


The Weekly Wrap Up


How to Get Away With Murder

•Nate’s investigating Tegan. After all Emmet’s demise moves her up in life.

•Laurel hid a key in a picture frame. Smart girl. Of course you know who found it; Frank.

•Kayla is phucking Gabriel and trying to throw him off scent. Yes, she likes him, but as we know Laurel and Christopher were snatched and he can’t know, yet. Meanwhile Gabriel’s mother has made her way into town and is outside his window lurking away. She also has a box with Sams name that she’s “hiding” in a closet. Classic skeletons in the closet.

•Annalise went on a coke, mdma and liquor bender after Tegan called to advise that Emmet is dead. Now she’s in rehab beating pillows, confessing and blowing her cover that she isn’t “Carol” to a stranger. A stranger that I’m pretty sure is undercover or may end up being a stalker.  Annalise brings her pillow beat down tour home with her after a week in rehab. Oh,and surprise! Annalise knows Kayla’s birth mother according to Asher (gasp). Kayla threatens to kill Annalise if true. Episode ends with a funeral scene. Low and behold it’s Annalise’s funeral. The irony being that she had to envision her own funeral during a group session in rehab.


Greys Anatomy

•Selfies on a mountain will result in broken bones and potential death.

•Teddy is panicking with a new baby. Owen is offering to milk her and is madly in love with her and willing to wait even though he knows he’s amazing.  No one said he was smart. Owen I pray this works out. Cause he’s listing his house and everything with his storyline has always lead back to Teddy

•Avery and Maggie are no more since she felt abandoned in a car. Meanwhile Avery’s eyeing a paramedic who was the fiancé of Maggie’s dead patient. Ekk!

•Alex and Jess are in therapy. Jess doesn’t feel she warrants the love and trust as she sees herself as a burden to Alex. Alex has after all, had waayyy more than his fair share of unbalanced. Jesse finding out she was a child of rape has been a toll on her. I cried like a baby when he proposed again

•Webber is looking for a new job. House calls weren’t doing it for him. And Pac-North

•Meredith fessed up to her crimes and is doing community service aka road side vacation. The board wants to hold a meeting about her misdeeds. Even though the only thing that’s wrong is not having free health care.

•The acting was a bit campy...the Amelia dinner, slow hallway run, finding the rash scene was a bit much. But then again Amelia’s asking for a ménage a trois but she’s pregnant.

•The theme of Shonda shows seem to be orbiting around self worth, betterment and mental health.


David Makes Man

•David stole the prescription pad from his psychologist and is trying to make sure that doesn’t land them all in jail. That church scene was heavy and in vein with what receiving the message is. Slowly the show is piecing together exactly what happened to Sky. That hole in his head, just wow.

•Seren is still getting beat on and molested in his home by his step dad and Mother. His storyline is one of the most heartbreaking in black scripted programming right now. If Seren went Menendez brothers on his parents I wouldn’t wrong him at all. Serena’s costume was on point. Ms Elijah did the damn thing! I’m glad Seren has a friend like David. Now they’re shipping him off to God knows where. I want to know what’s in the note he handed to David.

•I’m sick of people casting JaFakeans with their botched inauthentic accents. With the amount of real Jamaican actors looking for employment it’s beyond insulting. Of course the JaFakean may be the one who killed Sky. Sticking to the badman/gun man stereotype.

•Of course Mr Gangster is getting sucked off by Ms Elijah while discussing prescription fraud. Had the nerve to walk out the house and calling people all kinds of gay derogatory words. It’s always those ones on the DL.


Worth the Watch



The Affair*

Room 104

Why Women Kill *

The Creep Show*

A Million Little Things*

American Horror Story 9

The Hollywood Puppet Show

Wu-Tang: An American Saga*

Black Jesus (creator of Boondocks)*


*must watch


What’s interesting is that with all the season premieres a lot of them centre around mental health  and betterment. From Young Sheldon to 9-1-1. The message that’s clearly trying to be sent is seek therapy, opioid crisis and take care of your mental health. Pay attention folks.