The Recap: The Real Blac Chyna Season 1 Episode 11

The Real Blac Chyna Season 1 Episode 11


I made it through the binge...

I may have killed a few brain cells and wouldn’t dare chase this with Love and Hip Hop.

But did I die? No (thank God)

I may need an episode of 9-1-1 to recuperate.

It’s season premiere week so let me get caught up with my shows while baking or doing hair.




The Real Blac Chyna Season 1 Episode 11


It’s episode 11 and we rejoin Chyna and Treasure, still arguing. Chyna has already asked Treasure to leave and is ready to get the toolie to prove she means business. Poor Jamaal almost got caught in the crosshairs by getting the door slammed on him.

If Treasure was employed or Chyna was paying her (money not being repaid) then tax forms NEED to be filled. Treasure said Chyna never put her ahead but then chased it with saying Chyna got her out of debt one phucking time. Ma’am, which one is it?!? I wish I had friends that gave me 10k, look at me speaking things into existence, hint hint wink wink Lord. The friendship is over as that invisible line has been crossed. Going forward Chyna needs to refrain from blurring the line between friend and employee. Which is apparently she has an issue doing as she vented to Larry while Treasure was still outside crying to Jamaal.

The producers aren’t shiet for the whole setup. Then again they’re just doing their job. The whole thing made me miss the scripted show, Unreal.  Production saw the chinks in Treasure and Chyna’s friendship and simply exploited it to make good tv. Treasure with the dumb bish commentary and calling Toni dusty was simply digging herself a deeper grave. I was just waiting for them to wrap the scene up. Yes Treasure, in summation you feel entitled being that Chyna was your friend. Treasure then turned around and said Chyna’s not emotionally there just dragging the whole ordeal. The friendship is over, there’s nothing left to entertain. Leave from in front of the woman’s house. No one has any business being anywhere near Chynas house if they’re now considered a foe. Now Jamaal, you’re next.

Chyna got ready for church wearing a lime green wig and dressed in all black with a hat to match. Chyna looked wicked on the way to see Oz. The good witch played by Ms Mary lol

They spent too much time trying to decide what car to drive that Ms Mary had to remind them that God is the main driver. I sideeyed why that whole scene made it past editing considering Chyna’s history with cars.

Larry attended church. Once again Larry was wearing his face mask. I’m convinced Larry wears the mask to keep his anonymity. Who can really blame him. No face no case right?

The church sermon hit home and gave me goosebumps. Bishop Jones said anyone who tries to bring you down is below you. They can’t pull you down without being under you. Amen. FYI Bishop Jones is Grace Jones brother.

I saw the yardie sistren in church even the man standing in front of Chyna trying to check her out. I’m observant, some would just call it fass. This is a gossip site so we’re all in the same speedboat. Now back to church lol.  Ms Mary was dancing and at home. You could tell her spirit was free and at ease in her safe space. Of course production hands Chyna the phone at the most inopportune time showing her the messages Jamaal sent to Ashton. Meanwhile Jamaal is clueless that Chyna knows the shiet he’s been saying behind her back. Yet is “put off” by Chyna being distant.


If anyone considers Chyna bipolar, it’s based off of the reflection from the people in her immediate circle. Toni, Treasure, Ashton, Jamaal...Woman! If anything, clean house for self preservation. The theme song for the series should be The O’Jays backstabbers because Chyna’s entire team is on some Mike Myers/Jason shiet.

Next episode Chyna inducts a new qween into her kingdom and Jamaal is on his “call the poo poo heaux”. Honestly, Chyna is starting to convince me that when she considers her love interests she chooses men that she can share with her crew. Crew love...

I’m all Chyna’d out. I don’t want Chinese food, or to go to Chinatown, hell I don’t want nothing made in China so I’m about to potentially sleep naked and pray my sheets and pillows weren’t made in China too.