The Recap: The Real Blac Chyna Season 1 Episode 10

The Real Blac Chyna Season 1 Episode 10


So I needed time to mentally decompress from the last episode. It was taxing to watch. Plus I had chicken soaking in some lime juice that I needed to tend to. My jerk chicken dinner comes before this mess; sorry not sorry.




The Real Blac Chyna Season 1 Episode 10


So we start off this episode with Chyna, Jay (makeup artist), Jamaal and Larry(masked male crusader with the bamboo earrings). The whole gang convened in the kitchen over some over salted Ramen noodles to rehash what happened the last two episodes.

Plot twist! Ashton was voted off the island, quelle surprise. Jay had the nerve to ask if they could trade Jamaal for Ashton. I didn’t know that Ashton was a fan who became staff. Oh! So I stand a fighting chance?!? Hey Chyna!! I understand you sis. As long as the paperwork’s good we good.

Isn’t it crazy. Everything I said in the last recap Chyna brought up this episode. I don’t even have a degree in psychology, I just listen and pay attention.

Larry brought up Treasure and Chyna said cut the cameras. I knew right then this was probably the episode where the whole social media kick off between Chyna and Treasure took place.

Mary, Mary quiet contrary. Mary came on screen like a breath of fresh air. She came in and made sure to compliment Chyna and you can tell Ms Mary shifts the energy of the room with her prescience. She just made Chyna perk up, Chyna’s posture even changed. I even felt good seeing Ma Mary in all her Orange Julep glory. Thank God for Ms Mary. She seems to fill in where Toni has failed and fill the void that people with sense would occupy. That’s if Chyna had any of those in her immediate circle. Ms Mary made more sense than Dr Siri. Someone needs to forward Dr Siri’s cheque to Ms Mary. Ms Mary said turn to God. Chyna please take heed to Ms Mary’s message. Nothing is stronger than God so seek spiritual grounding first. Once you can master that everything else is material. Ms Mary needs to be added to staff ASAP!!

I’m happy Chyna is ready to run her race and leave people behind. I also know that when your friend becomes your foe, all the world your secrets know. A change is coming for Chyna be it good or bad. Anyone who’s paying attention would’ve picked up on that. If only Chyna would go celibate for a minute and stop phucking with these spiritually demonic phuck boys/girls.

Now the showdown between Chyna and Treasure.

You knew shiet was about to pop off when Chyna had the vape pen out. I get that Chyna doesn’t feel obligated to answer Treasure. But that’s your friend or is she your employee? I felt bad for Treasure. She was all soft spoken. Treasure wanted to speak to her friend off camera. The producers setup the whole thing with both ladies and what we have here ladies and gents is when reality gets real. These ladies as friends needed time to clear the air in private. Chyna wasn’t ready or willing. Now where the whole conversation went left is when Treasure brought up Chyna posting her business. If I was Treasure I wouldn’t have even brought that up. If we’re discussing not replying to messages. Depending what happened or how conversations were left off.  I want to know what’s up with my friend.  Depression is a real thing. I just want to know if my friends good and if there’s a problem let’s address it. The conversation turned to money.  I hate when a friendship boils down to a laundry list of things you’ve done for each other. It’s a turning point that a friendship cannot recuperate from.

Treasure accusing Chyna of embezzlement was the final nail in the coffin. You don’t do that to friends. That friendship is over. It’s sad but everything happens for a reason and everyone has a season.

Next episode Chyna goes to church and continues to remove the Judas’ (qweens) from her household.   

Now I told y’all episodes ago that Chyna has too many qweens in her castle. Anyone will tell you that if gossip were an earthquake the qweens are 9/10’s at the epicentre. From wardrobe, hair, makeup the qweens see everyone at their worst and hold water like a hole riddled bucket.

Just from the snippet of next episode I can tell that more people with sense will get air time. The Pastor told Chyna she needs to stop working with people she’s helping and get those that are there to help her. Can I get an amen.

I’m going to roll and prepare myself for episode 11.