The Recap : The Real Blac Chyna Season 1 Episode 9

The Real Blac Chyna Season 1 Episode 9


In the midst of all this Blac Chyna drama I binge watched the last few episodes of “The Real Blacc Chyna” to get some kind of context. You’re welcome since this was like a reality tv mental crack binge of sorts. I had to pause and walk away at times.

Let’s delve in to where we last left off last which is with Chyna and Tokyo’s therapy session together.




The Real Blac Chyna Season 1 Episode 9


Dr’re one of the most patient on tv therapists I’ve seen to date. That man was rocking back and forth like I do when I want to lay hands on someone and rock their world.

While Tokyo was speaking it reminded me of an article I read the other day about the expectations of toxic parents. In this day in age some Mothers have been proven to be Satan in reincarnation. For example the cheerleader who killed and buried her baby and got off just the other day.

Tokyo reminds me of the cheerleader except she’s willing to kill and bury her fully grown child. Call her Mommy dearest. It’s as if Tokyo feels like she’s owed the world from Angela just because she’s her mother. Children do not get to pick their parents. Chyna asked point blank what does Tokyo want to do. In response Tokyo asked how is Chyna going to help. Tokyo is a 49yr old woman with no goals or plans for the future. Tokyo’s end game was a paid ride courtesy of Chyna since Chyna is her pussy nugget. Which is utterly toxic. From what I gather Tokyo barely had a hand in raising Chyna and what you see now are fruits from seeds planted long ago.

The hug between the two, to say it was super uncomfortable would be a compliment.

What’s understandable and commonly mention by Chyna is that she finds issue with the embarrassing things Tokyo does, that draws attention to Chyna for the wrong reasons. It’s extremely hurtful the things Tokyo has said to Angela, that they’ve aired.  So I can only imagine off camera and throughout the years. Smh It be your own family sometimes. Chyna understandably doesn’t want the one putting the knife in her back to be her own mother.

This episode was uncomfortable to watch.

If Chyna is medicating herself I can partially understand why. With all of Chyna’s obligations plus the emotional warfare being thrown at her. Even the strongest of people would crumble. The industry will chew you up and spit you out any chance that it gets. Everyone is on a totem pole and willing to do anything at times to use another to get ahead. Existing in a world like that you have to be very strong minded. From “critics” in your comments, men using and abusing you. Imagine the person who you’re supposed to seek solace in continues to hurt you beyond measure. But it doesn’t stop there because said person is your mother. A Mother who will say any type of recklessness to hurt and embarrass you.  Angela has childhood traumas that she’s never overcame. Meanwhile Tokyo is unfortunately set in her way. We’ve seen this before with Keyshia Cole and Frankie. What this show has done has shone light on why Chyna makes the choices she’s made. By no means is it a hall pass. As she said numerous times “WHAT DO YOU WANT”. I just heard the chorus of “what do you want from me..” over and over. I wouldn’t be shocked if that was her ringtone.

Chyna the public wants you to show up, always looking on point, to be nice and always willing to take pictures. Your children want your love, attention and affection. These men want you as notch and a badge/trophy....everyone wants something from Chyna. From what I gathered Chyna wants to be made a priority, loyalty, and.....someone queue Rihanna’s “Love Affection”. Chyna’s simply just looking for love in hopeless places.

There’s a lot that wasn’t said during this “therapy” session. It seemed as though Chyna didn’t want to delve into it keep her secrets and also to hurt her mother.  Even though Chyna is doing this show to shine light on her plights, not everything is up for discussion. It’s quiet interesting to see since so much of Chyna has been put display and a hot topic. From the personal, Tyga/Rob situation, to her body; that she uses to promote products on social media. Not everything is for everyone to know with Angela. What Tokyo needs to understand that it’s not what Tokyo can remember or chooses to acknowledge. It’s not who’s right or wrong. It’s how your child feels, acknowledging it and accepting the role you play in that. That’s all that matters. Until Tokyo can get that through her head we’ll forever be doing this song and dance between the two.

Poor Dr Siri walked out at the end. I’m sure he wished he had a teacup and teaspoon to send these folks to the sunken place.

And with that...onto the next episode