The Recap: Power Season 6 Episode 5

The Recap: Power Season 6 Episode 5


Big rich dummy/ donkey of urban drama goes to...

The kid who plays Riq.

We finna never know your real name sir

And always remember you as the “ain’t shiet kid” from Power. Don’t ever get in trouble or get caught doing anything. We the people have predetermined that “you ain’t shiet” based of how you played Riq. Become accustomed to hearing things such as “always knew he wasn’t shiet...”




It’s Power Season 6 Episode 5


Look at that, Riqs tenderoni was a double agent. Knock, knock, Karma is at the door. So shorty was following Riq and sussing out his moves in the shadows. Just like that Riq’s expelled and busted with baby aspirin. Checkmate. I’m waiting for Ghost to Hulk smash Riq’ like Loki. Throw that niglet out the penthouse window. Let Riq believe he can fly. I’m sure Vincent is more than willing to assist. After all Tommy got Vincent’s godson killed.

Saxe is on his Laura “When They See Us”. Just because you say Ghost did it doesn’t mean he did it. Saxe is definitely on some slave master shiet holding Dre’s daughter hostage. Saxe just wants everyone’s child apparently smh. That whole car scene with Dre’s daughter was disturbing. Even worse was Saxe playing the recording and asking who killed Angela. I was hoping Tommy would’ve shot Maria and Saxe since he had ample chance to.


Tasha has 99 problems and that nicca Zigg is one. From the ratchet, Epiphany, that picked up her child 2hrs late to Ziggs extortion. Tasha has all kinds of problems thankfully none named Quentin this episode. Tasha’s was just running her mouth to Tommy as if he’s a friend. Reality hit her quick when Tommy hit hit with that Martin and told her get the steppin!! So much for them hotboxing the car the other day. Now Tasha is slinging drugs in a daycare for Zigg and trying to put ppl on. First it was liquor and phucking. Now this smh. Tasha’s magic school bus is brought to you by  crack and the letter C boys and girls.

Proctor has gone full on militant with his ultimatums. Like he said; It’s Ghost or Maria. Since Ghost isn’t biting and Proctor wants Maria gone; Tommy is his fallback. Proctor said he’s not about to 69! That man said he isn’t no rat!! But still said Tommy’s name. Proctor tried everything to stay alive. He should’ve conserved his bullets more. I was hoping Proctor would shoot Tommy and scare him off. There’s a secret in that locket Elisa; keep it safe. Rip Proctor. You were a real one. Ghost was the better person to protect phuck Tommy.

Keisha/Lala annoys me. Tasha was never that way to Keisha when she was in the better position. I’m just waiting on Tommy to do Keisha like he did Holly. I doubt the pussy is that good as like Tasha said.

Meanwhile Tommy is on a killing spree. From Maria (sorry Ghost you’re too late). To getting Riq implicated with offing Proctor in the penthouse. Tommy fully shot Up Ghosts house and killed Proctor in that man’s house. Riq and Tommy are the worst people ever.

2 million for Riq?!? I’d laugh and tell Vincent to keep that nicca. Dispose of the body well. I don’t want funeral fees and shiet. We just buried his sister.