The Recap: The Real Blac Chyna Season 1 Episode 8

The Real Blac Chyna Season 1 Episode 8


Just like finnnnnnnee


Don’t ask me to sing any other part of that song because that’s the only part I know.

Shoutout Karrueche...

I used to not like you but Rihanna’s coolish with you so you get a pass for now...lmao


The Real Blac Chyna Season 1 Episode 8


PEOPLE!!! For the love of God!!! STOP DOING ON TV THERAPY. There’s something called HIPPA/Dr/Patient confidentiality and that shiet is non existent when you do this shiet for tv. It’s bad enough black people don’t believe in therapy. This on television bull does nothing to debunk that notion. Who stops mid session to have someone adjust their microphone or fix their hair and makeup?

Dr Siri, aka Man Iylana, lost Chyna with the “you were 16 that was rape if he’s older”. Everyone needs to get locked the phuck up in that case. A few seconds later Chyna said the same damn thing.

Chyna needs behind the doors therapy because every emotion she exudes in her mothers presences is abandonment and shame. Once Siri started talking about horses, swan lady etc I knew this session wasn’t going anywhere fast. Hair flips and all. Dr Siri called her a horse and elephant lady. And Chyna blew her whistle and called a time out; foul on the play sir lmao. Dr Siri sat in his chair shaking his leg like a mother not trying to go upside a child’s head in public. Dr Siri was asking the Lord for strength. Chyna couldn’t go anywhere out of earshot to talk her shiet about that man? Lmao

There must’ve been something in that drink she brought back after her “break”. Chyna came back in the room acting like she had some sense. Now tea is I didn’t know all the things she said about her carrying King. Hiding the pregnancy, no shower...I felt for her. Especially how Tyga tried to portray dotting father to King when he was with the Kolony girl. Chyna was so lowkey before all the Kolony bullshiet.

Toni, is sick beyond repair. That woman said Chyna can’t feel the way she does towards her if she can show parental love to King and Dream. She must’ve got it from somewhere. PAUSE!!! Marinate on that.

Toni’s session was stomach churning and didn’t feel sincere. Toni your child feels neglected and we all believe it from the way you act and your refusal to accept how your child feels about you. I don’t believe not a word of what Toni said in her session. Toni is rehashing shiet that she should’ve released instead of inflicting the hurt on her child. Toni said she’s disgusted by Chyna’s father. Toni also stated her own mother wanted her to abort Chyna. I’ve come to the conclusion that Toni resents Chyna. Which is apparent by her session. When Toni said she needed support and she should be a judge. Dr Siri said wow but to me that translated to “oh! So she’s crazy! crazy!”. Her reasoning was she went to court and won. Someone look up the case please. Toni was pressed that her daughter wasn’t there when she won her case. Why doesn’t Toni bring up her many failed marriages and how they may have impacted her daughter? I was sitting there saying “wow” with Dr Siri. Toni also found gratification in saying that her daughter was assaulted by her Father. I want to hear what Chyna’s Father has to say about all of this.

Toni...Angela is your child. Not your parent. She does not need to support you and the bullshiet you’re on. She has children of her own. I want to hear from other family members other than Toni because Toni needs a whole congregation of people to back up her side of this story. First she said Chyna walked up to grandmothers casket and next Chyna doesn’t know where the grave is? Soooo Chyna came to the viewing and not the burial...that sounds sus to me.

Next weeks the words of Dr Siri...and Ronald Isley...