The Recap: Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 11

Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 11


Summer rain, sweet rain,

Whispers me to sleep,

And wakes me up again...

-Carl Thomas


Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 11

It was nice to see the whole family together to send the couple off for prom.

Keke looked interesting in her retro prom dress. Hair and wardrobe could’ve done better across the board. I wish they would’ve chose something more in vein with Micah’s, Jidenna/nouveau riche African sheek hair and attire. Micah and Kekes friends are trash for making a big deal out of them getting a private room. It’s prom don’t hate that your homie has a tenderoni. Keke just put it on the table that she’s on birth control. Honey did not come to play. How do you know when it’s right? How about when you have your own hotel room and you’re trapped because there’s a storm outside. As Lady Saw once said: “it’s raining, my body is calling, I’m in need of my darling..” The time is now. Then again, after everyone revealed their aspirations for the future, Micah hasn’t thought that far ahead. Let’s take sex off the table for now especially when there’s more pressing issues at hand.

I still don’t trust Nova and never would, family or not. It was sweet that Nova offered Charlie help to prep for her debate. I don’t accept Nova being “woke” yet her “soulmate” being a divorcee yt man ex cop. I get that she throws her aura/box at all genders and colours yet out of all possibilities she chooses a 3 striker; married, YT and a cop? The black men she chose prior were terrible. Remy, her sisters leftovers and “yes maassa” small man that was Robert Dubois. Can’t say I didn’t/don’t envision Nova finding her own Hollywood.

Hollywood and Aunt Vi are back to playing Pokeroo. Which is welcoming because they had Aunt Vi crying damn near the whole season  

Ralph is still in love with Darla. That whole scene with Deesha was rough to watch. Hopefully all parties are able to move on amicabally. Blue sure would be pissed if his play dates get squashed. Lord knows his tantrums have me telling them to throw the whole child and his dolly away  

Charlie is playing with fire against the Landry’s. Hopefully she’s a fire woman. How momma Landry plays, she’d throw Charlie and Jacob into the flames. Probably follow the festivities by roasting marshmallows over those same flames. 

We shall see what kind of cliffhanger the season ends with.