The Recap: The Real Blac Chyna: Season 1 Episode 7

The Real Blac Chyna: Season 1 Episode 7


The newest episode of The Real Blac Chyna premiered on Zeus on Sunday/Monday.

I noticed when you google for the latest episode that complaints were made to the US DMCA.

Now Ms Angela White/Chyna (I’m sure she has one of her minions in here lurking) NO ONES SIGNING UP FOR ZEUS! Especially for only one show; which is yours. I rather tithe my coins to an actual God. You’ll have to get my coin from some FashionNova or something worthwhile. Sorry not sorry. Now where was I?.....


The Real Blac Chyna Season 1 Episode 7


I bet Lauryn Hills ppl don’t remind her about her history of lateness lmao. Like I said last week. Chyna has too many qweens in her little kingdom. I was sitting here watching Jamal stress about Chyna coming to his event as if it’s comparable to Diddy All White party. Ummm that woman has paid obligations. Are you paying her for this appearance? I guess not since she said give me money when he asked for a meet and greet. Be happy Chyna is showing up and agreeing to change clothes in the skating rinks stock room lol

Tokyo was okay with first class but would’ve preferred a private jet. Haaaaaaa.... the delusions of grandeur. Tokyo said she goes hard for Chyna online however I’ve only heard her curse out Chyna online. After poor Jamal setup the meeting, greeted smiled and hugged Tokyo she sat there and asked him who he was.  I had to pause the show and start the kettle. Lady. Just Stoppppppp. What I’ve gathered is that Toxic Tokyo has nothing going for her outside of Chyna. I don’t understand why Tokyo brought up Treasures man getting shot up. Also why does Tokyo praying with Treasure during that time meant that Treasure owes Tokyo. That’s Chyna’s best friend wether Tokyo likes it or not. Acts of human decency shouldn’t demand to be given a gold star. Chyna expresses she feels abandoned. Tokyo’s response is: “How? She’s(Chyna) is a grown woman” and that Chyna looks like her and got her swag from her. What does that have to do with your child feeling abandoned by their mother?!? Also according to Tokyo, Chyna was spoiled because she had her own room and bathroom growing up. The whole scene was hard to watch. Tokyo has yet to film a scene while not in what appears to be a maniac state. Nothing Tokyo says makes sense and you can’t blame editing for that. One minute Tokyo’s stating she raised Chyna spoilt and next minute Tokyo’s own mother is rolling in her grave for her ways. Which one is it lady?!?

Lira made her appearance with baby K. Chyna complimented Liras body for looking the way it did after 3weeks. As if that isn’t man made lol. Lira let it slip that her mother thought she was going to terminate the pregnancy with K. I caught that darling. Kudos to Lira for not wanting to leave baby K with anyone since she’s so young. Lira may not be that big of dummy after all. This is the most I’ve seen her speak EVER! Lira was also very kind when she spoke about P because she could’ve said way worse.

Chyna was not impressed with Tokyo’s pop up at the skate party. I wasn’t either. Tokyo does not know her child and faking it will not help you “make it”. Chyna had a long day and wasn’t with the shiets. Yes therapy is needed. Just not tv therapy.

I don’t know if the series was created to showcase who the real Angela White/ Blac Chyna is. Or to build a case for Angela should she decide to have her mother committed for her and the general public’s safety.

Next the first therapy session and I’m curious to know which lies Tokyo brings to the table. In the preview alone she went from having Angela at the age of 16 and then it was 18 lol