Popular photographer who profits off the black community says 98% of black people in America are a JOKE. His black baby mother exposed him. (AUDIO)

In a shocking audio released by a popular's photographer baby mother, the photographer who is employed by black companies such as Revolt and Tidal ma

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Black man shot during protest in Seattle trying to stop a white man who drove through a crowd of people with his car. (video)

A black man was shot trying to stop a man from hurting protesters in Seattle Washington hours ago. By the grace of god the man who was shot is in sta

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Here’s a plan and strategy for the black community to see change in America. Plus black owned restaurants (A must see video)

I saw this video and doing my part in sharing... please do the same. GO HERE TO FIND BLACK RESTURANTS BUSINESSES IN YOUR CITY https://www

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Bakersfield, CA Murder: White career criminal man Runs Over Black Protester & Hasn’t Been Arrested. (Details And Video)

An alleged white racist ran over a black man who was protesting in Bakersfield on Wednesday. The man has not been arrested but we will change that wi

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White lawyer who spit on black kid charged. Here’s how to report her to the board of Wisconsin. (MUGSHOT INSIDE)

According to police, Stephanie Rapkin was arrested Saturday night on charges of battery and disorderly conduct. I put below all information n

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