American Medical Response EMT Worker Rachel Willette Under Investigation After Hateful Post About Rayshard Brooks Who Was Killed In Atlanta Police.

An EMT worker is under investigation by American Medical Response after she made insensitive and hateful post about Rayshard Brooks who was murdered

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Georgia Republican congressional candidate Donnie Bolena Get’s Drunk & Goes On Racist Rant Like You Won’t Believe. (video)

In a 14 minute rant on Facebook live disgraceful republican Donnie Bolena goes on a very shameful racist rant about black people and white people who

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Mr. Pickles Sandwish Shop Terminates Franchise Owner And Closes It’s Shop After Owner Compares Black Lives Matter To The KKK. “

A franchise owner named David is learning the hard way to keep his mouth shut about things he is not educated about. David sent his employees emails

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New York Correction Officer And Fed Ex Worker Both Fired For Mocking George FLOYD! (VIDEO)

Two disgraceful Trump supporters were both fired after mocking the death of George Floyd. The incident took place in New Jersey, luckily the racist m

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Racist Karen’s husband says she’s mentally ill and needs help. Watch his apology and how hard he tries to make himself cry. (video)

The mental illness card is being used once again by the white community per usual. According to the husband of Tamara Harrian, she's mentally ill an

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A lawyer who represent one of the officers who murdered George Floyd Speaks out. “My client suggested to roll Mr. Floyd over but Derek Chauvin said no.” (video)

View this post on Instagram one of the former officers charged in the death of George Floyd is due in court for his next hearing l

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Karen teacher who made threats to kill a black lives matter protester is under an investigation in Bakersfield, CA. The school superintendent is black and majority of it’s board. Here’s how to report her to the school board of education.

View this post on Instagram We need to find out who this TEACHER is who think it’s okay to make threats towards innocent #blackl

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Karen who was slapped at the gas station is a LAWYER. Her reviews are being dragged. Here’s how to report her to the board.

The Karen who was slapped in the gas station for being a racist turns out to be a lawyer. Her law firm already had bad reviews before the incident an

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