Picture of Pop Smoke Killers. (Video)

Pop smoke killers are kids and not one is older than 23 . The rapper was robbed and shot by a gang member from a notorious gang called the “Hoovers” in Los Angeles. At least two of the accomplice are children who are under 17 from other gangs in LA. Our source say the juveniles are the ones who told authorities everything which led to three other young adults being arrested. All suspects have a $1 million Dollar bond. The Hoover criminal gang is known in the industry & have dealt with celebrities like Tyga, James Harden and The Kardashians. There’s a few Celebs who pay the Hoovers for protection in California. Tyga cut the Hoovers off early last year , but Kylie did not. Kylie’s best friend Heather Sanders is actually engaged to a Hoover named King Trell. We can honestly say Pop Smoke was only killed because he posted his address by mistake and showed loads of cash on Instagram that day. The rapper was staying in a very nice location without any security and didn’t check in with anyone in LA for protection.

We send our prayers to his family …

Corey Walker

Jaquan Murphy

Jaquan Murphy is being charged with a lesser offense Which is attempted murder.
Another one involved (not sure of his name) which is really crazy if you from LA because this boy is from Neighborhood & they do not get along with Hoovers…
Not sure of his name but he’s also being charged with murder
The shooter

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