UPS Worker Lawrence Michalski Fired For Racist And Hateful Post About Rayshard Brooks!

An UPS worker has been fired after mocking the death of Rayshard Brooks via Facebook. The ex worker Lawrence Michalski posted that Rayshard deserved what he got and that the cops could’ve done a better job at shooting Rayshard down. See below…

UPS after being tagged on our page for almost two hours finally responded saying the matter was under investigation.

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It’s sad I had to blast you @ups for you to respond. I told you this yesterday & you did nothing about it until I made it public. Because of that we want full transparency of the actions you are taking in firing this employee for his behavior. #rayshardbrooks had a family, kids and people who loved him. What your employee did is disgusting so we demand he’s fired. We don’t want no apology from him because we don’t care. We are tired of the #racism and insensitive jokes about our people who suffered from #policebrutality . Both officers have been charged with the death of Rayshard Brooks in case you didn’t know. Make the right decision. Thanks Signed, The Black Community

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An hour later the ex ups worker was fired

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