Karen teacher who made threats to kill a black lives matter protester is under an investigation in Bakersfield, CA. The school superintendent is black and majority of it’s board. Here’s how to report her to the school board of education.

A school teacher out of Bakersfield is under investigation after video of her making threats towards peaceful black lives matter protestor went viral. It turns out the school superintendent is a black man.

Karen apology reads:

I want to offer my sincerest apology to anyone who was hurt by my behavior in that video.

My behavior was never intended in any way to diminish this important time in the life of our country. Like everyone else, I was horrified by the video of the murder of George Floyd. every man, woman, and child deserves to be treated with dignity, compassion, and equality, regardless of the color of their skin, and every person deserves to live a life free of fear.

What you saw in that video was a captured moment of my anxiety, frustration, and panic for the safety of my family. I am the caretaker for my 18-year-old autistic son and my elderly mother who has COPD and is extremely vulnerable to health complications. I had seen news coverage of the protests turning into riots across the country and was aware that the protest near my home had turned to confrontation the day before. When I heard protesters gathering near my home, loudly chanting profanities, I became overwhelmed with anxiety and fear. I called the police and was told there was nothing they could do. I went out to ask the protesters to move the protest away from my home. This was not shown on the video that was posted. there was a woman who became confrontational and I responded in a inappropriate manner. I never intended to cause fear. i never spoke to or threatened this woman’s daughter. I have never even been in a physical altercation in my life.

I am humiliated by my actions.

I am heartbroken to think that any of my students or their parents might see that video and believe that it is in any way reflective of my values or views regarding race or inclusivity.

My family and my students are my greatest joys in life. I take pride in creating a classroom environment that is welcoming and safe for all my students, regardless of their race. In my twelve years of teaching, I have predominantly taught students of color. I have always been and will continue to be passionately protective of my students’ well-being. I work every day to ensure that my students are afforded every opportunity for success. As teachers, we are not only educators, but also counselors, social workers, guardian, and friends. I take pride in the relationships I have cultivated with my students and their parents. In the future I will continue to support and uplift my students and stand against inequality of all types.

Bakersfield City School District1300 Baker Street, Bakersfield, CA 93305661-631-4600 661-326-1485

President of the board email is below

Rev. Ralph AnthonyPresidentanthonyr@bcsd.comTrustee Area 3

Dr. Fred L. HaynesClerk Pro Temhaynesf@bcsd.comTrustee Area 5

Mrs. Lillian TafoyaClerktafoyal@bcsd.comTrustee Area 1

Mrs. Pam BaugherPresident Pro Tembaugherp@bcsd.comTrustee Area 2

Mrs. Laura Guerrero-SalgadoMemberguerrerosalgadol@
Trustee Area 4

If you believe you, or your student, have been subjected to discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying you should contact your school site principal and/or the District’s Chief Compliance and Title IX Officer, Erin Johnston, by phone at (661) 631-4663, by email at johnstone@bcsd.com, or in person at 1300 Baker Street, Bakersfield, CA 93305. Copies of BCSD’s Uniform Complaint policy, Sexual Harassment policy, and Nondiscrimination policies are available here and upon request.

For more information to report her to the school go here https://www.bcsd.com/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=1035253&type=d&pREC_ID=1337863

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