White Doctor Fires Black woman Over Black Lives Matter Stance. (Gulf coast physical therapy, Mississippi)

A woman named Jamila Swopes was fired by Gulf Coast Physical Therapy in Gulfport, Mississippi after her stance on Black lives Matter. The doctor couldn’t give an explanation for the firing or a valid reason. Check it out below and use all your power and time to ending this company. Enough is enough.

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The discussion between my boss and I as I was being “let go” for speaking up for George Floyd protesters earlier that morning! The incident happened right before lunch where I used my voice to explain to my white coworker why people are looting and rioting right now and why they are usher. The result ended in both white employees running back to the boss and telling him whatever they wanted to tell him and me the only black employee being “let go” FIRED! He let me work the rest of the afternoon, told me I was let go “because I can”, and not once got my side of the story pertaining to the conversation that was said. Oh and btw he wasn’t even in the gym when this conversation happened to see/hear how both sides of the story went down. He didn’t care to hear me out as an employee, as a woman, as an African American. He told me “I can do what I want because it’s my business.” Sounds a lot like what the masters used to tell their slaves😴. Racism at it’s finest in Gulfport, MS you guys!His name is Ken Ackerman, PT. PLEASE SHARE AND REPOST THIS. Stay safe and stay woke -xoxo Mila ☮️💗😌

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Second part of the conversation. He could not and would not talk or answer me. This my supervising PT, the boss, the owner of the entire establishment! And he could not give me a legitimate answer as to why I was being let go today besides “because I can.” A man I worked for and with for 6 months did not at least give me the decency of making up a lie. And when I asked him if it was because I was black, he did not deny. This is the problem with America today! I can not even be a productive citizen, make a living, or use the first amendment freedom of speech without being persecuted and treated unfair. The only reason I was fired was “because it’s my company, my business, and I can.” Doesn’t sound like a business I want to work for or support, or that I want anyone I know and love to support and go to. This is Gulf Coast Physical Therapy in Gulfport, MS on three rivers road phone number is +1 (228) 822-9066. Please don’t support this business because they obviously don’t support or care about black/African Americans. “To be silent speaks volumes.” You hear the recording tell me if you aren’t racist and you let an employee go for a rightful reason, would you speak up and say, “it’s not because of that, I’m not racist” and tell them the reason? I just want to know what the reason and I want justice because a person like this should not be a therapist. You can’t heal people when your heart isn’t pure. Stay safe and stay woke -xoxo Mila ☮️💗😌

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Last words that were said between my boss Ken Ackerman, PT and the two White girl employees whose name I will leave out for now. He still could not give me a reason as to why he was firing me. Did I break protocol? Was I late too many times? Did I not smile enough? Was it my hair? Did I not laugh at yalls jokes? Did I ultimately not do my job right? Did I neglect my patients? WHAT IS THE REAL REASON!? I kept asking him this to his face over and over he could not and would not give me an answer! All of this preceded because of a conversation that was had between me and four white people, two white patients and two white employees. I used my voice and spoke up for the protest because they were acting like they didn’t know why they were rioting and protesting. “Because they are upset that an innocent unarmed black man was murdered by a white cop and he wasn’t put in jail,” I said. I was fired for a sentence. For the color of my skin. For ultimately standing up for my people, all people, for justice and what’s right. What my moms and dad raised me as a kid to do I was just fired and let go for. And the only thing he could say is “because I can.” Well guess what Ken Ackerman you can. You can be a racist and treat people unfair because you can sure that is your right. And guess what I have the right to use my voice and speak up for what is right and for my people because I can and I will! Justice will prevail and be served and your business will never get to heal another patient. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH 🗣🗣🗣🗣 I cant even work in America without being persecuted for the color of my skin. My voice will be heard. This is bigger than a job. This about all of my innocent brothers and sisters who experience racism and hate everyday and who can’t speak anymore. This is for my future kids and grandkids may they live in a world where they can make the same comments as whites and not lose their livelihood over it. This is for all humanity man we have got to do better. At 25 years old I never think I have to deal with this, but so many have dealt with more and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH‼️ stay safe and stay woke -xoxo Mila ☮️💗😌

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The entire conversation verbatim. “Because an innocent unarmed black man was murdered on camera by a white police officer and wasn’t arrested,” evoked my two coworkers to get upset and run and tell my boss. I have two patients as a witness to this. My boss reason for letting me go, “because I can.” Refer to previous post for video recording of me and his conversation. PLEASE SHARE AND REPOST THIS ‼️ I have a right under the 1st amendment to freedom of speech. I also have a right under the 14th amendment to be treated equal. Multiple times they talk about trump and welfare, and never did I say anything nor run back to him to tell him how uncomfortable it made me. This is injustice and THIS IS NOT RIGHT. Enough is enough ✊🏽 I have a right to work in America as a person of color and be afforded the same experiences and freedom as my fellow white employees.

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People are protesting the company over the the unlawful firing by the doctor ..

The jackass doctor

Address: 9471 Three Rivers Rd D, Gulfport, MS 39503Hours

Hours or services may differPhone(228) 822-9066

You can also file a complaint against him with the board of Mississippi using this link https://www.msbml.ms.gov/Complaints#:~:text=If%20you%20are%20a%20healthcare,3079%20to%20file%20your%20complaint.



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4 thoughts on “White Doctor Fires Black woman Over Black Lives Matter Stance. (Gulf coast physical therapy, Mississippi)

  1. I personally want to put an end to skilled workers who feel like they are at the mercy of an employer. Sis should have her own business.

  2. There are a lot of RACIST people in MS. Fortunately there are some good ones too. He will regret this. We’re with you Jamila💯.

  3. This is where I live and it doesn’t surprise me in the least. Mississippi is a hire/fire at will state as long as it’s not discrimination but employers use it for their own personal reasons even discrimination and then try to say it was for something else. An explanation is deserved. If he’s gonna fire her he needs to say why it is and own it. He also needs to suffer the consequences of his actions. The only good thing about all the horrible stuff going on is that its putting a lot of the racist A-holes into the light so that we can choose to no longer associate with them or give our hard earned money to the businesses like this.

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