Tristan Thompson Lawsuit Is A Scared Tactic!

Tristan Thompson lawsuit against the girl is nothing more than a scare tactic so the girl won’t speak out to the media who wants to talk to her and get her story. There where big media outlets gunning to interview the girl to get her story so to stop it Tristan ran to the courts to get the girl to hush up. Tristan been knew about the post the girl was making about him being the dad and it was on instagram for months. Tristan didn’t run to the court months ago so why now? It’s all bullshit and just another Kardashian controlling tactic to control the narrative. As I stated on instagram, I had the story for months and Tristan knew about it and didn’t do nothing about it legally until I broke the story. The text messages I shared of him talking to the girl was after she posted receipts on instagram. He never told her to delete it or erase it so why he going hard now? Hmm…

He knew it was on instagram and didn’t care …

And to be clear, gossipofthecity is not being sued by this man or the kardashians because we posted the truth and Tristan agreed to a second DNA test.

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