Tea: Tristan Thompson Quietly Took A DNA Test This Year. (Receipts)

Tristan Thompson quietly took a DNA test on a child back in January and due for a second test. The woman hired the Bloom firm to handle her matter but was let go by Lisa Bloom after the Bloom firm was unable to settle her matter with Tristan Thompson. According to the emails and documentation, Tristan may have used a company that he personally knows to do the DNA test and the company may be linked to the Kardashians. Because of that the woman and Tristan have agreed to a second DNA test. Check it out below…

The Woman

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123 thoughts on “Tea: Tristan Thompson Quietly Took A DNA Test This Year. (Receipts)

    1. If he is the baby daddy he should take care of his kid. This has Kris written all over it. Khloe wants her kids to be his last so she told Kris to take care of it. She already looks dumb, she just doesn’t want to be even more embarrassed once she pops out this other kid by him. Nobody is going to feel sorry for her, they gonna be like oh well she got what she wanted. That family thinks they own the men they are with and their sperm. These men better start thinking long and hard about impregnating members of that family.

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