J-Boog’s Baby Mother Dislikes Black People Because “they’re ghetto.” (Video)

J-Boog’s baby mother says she dislikes black people due to them being “ghetto.” The B2K’ singer recently had a baby with her and they’re in a committed relationship.

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6 thoughts on “J-Boog’s Baby Mother Dislikes Black People Because “they’re ghetto.” (Video)

  1. How???? Her baby daddy is black and short.. seems to be everything she “doesn’t” prefer. How they had a whole baby together 🥴

  2. Not surprised. But how she calling blacks folks ghetto and she got 5 kids and how many baby daddies???

  3. Disrespectful, not only to her children and people of color but herself. Learn the person before you lay down with them.

  4. I guess we can’t be mad because that was her experience however she’s old enough to know all black women aren’t ghetto. But I mean she also said she didn’t want her last baby so she clearly has some problems somewhere 🤦🏾‍♀️

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