Is Monica Trying To Get Back With Ex Fiance Rocko? Video Inside

Could there be a future for rapper Rocko and our good homegirl Monica?

It’s been years since the two were in a relationship, well 10 to be exact! It was back in 2010 when the two called off their engagement and started doing them. Their breakup was pretty messy, seeing as though Monica took to twitter to let fans know that she wasn’t oblivious to the rumors of him cheating and that she was confused by it all.

Despite the side chicks and the twitter fingers, Monica made it known that they were going to remain friends for the sake of their two children, but she eventually moved on.

So I guess you’re wondering why Rocko and Monica being a couple again is even a topic of conversation, huh?

Recently the 39-year-old singer did and Instagram Live with Tiny and T.I. where she revealed that she was ready to get back out in the dating world since finalizing her divorce to ex NBA player Shannon Brown. People in the comments threw out that she could be a good look with Common, Usher, and even David Banner, but the most interesting suggestion of them all came from T.I. who suggested she should get that old thing back with Rocko.

According to Monica, He’s in a relationship, and they haven’t dealt with each other since the split. Judging by Monica’s face during the conversation, it’s not far fetch to believe it could be some feelings there and knowing T.I. rekindling the flame could be in the works.

Check out the interaction between Monica and T.I. below and let us know what you think. Should Monica get that old thing back or move on to something new?

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