Exclusive: The Tea On NFL Baller Earl Thomas.

As you know already Earl Thomas’s wife was arrested for holding him hostage and pointing a gun at his head. Earl’s wife tracked him down and caught in bed doing some things…

Although we don’t agree with what she did, her actions may have been from a long line of dishonest and disloyal by her husband who can’t stop flying strippers in. The truth is Earl has been cheating on his wife for years and she’s tired of being played and laughed at. Last month on the 28th Earl Thomas was with an instagram chick who is also the baby mother to a rapper.

Earl and his chick together on the 28th

We have been watching these two for awhile now decided not to say anything until today since the story dropped about the wife’s arrest. Earl Thomas has no respect for his wife at all and does whatever he wants to. Check out how he publicly disrespects his wife without no remorse.

The other woman he deals with on the low allegedly

Here is Earl speaking about the incident where he was held against his will by his wife.

His wife’s attorney response to the accusations…

How the wife caught him


According to a tip, Around January, Earl allegedly flew strippers out named FreakyMek, Suebella, Caliente’s and Redz . When it was found out, his wife unfollowed him on instagram and removed their pictures together.

It’s also well known in Baltimore about his cheating endeavors but you didn’t hear it from us.

For legal reasons we cannot speak on certain things directly, but check out this interesting post that Earl’s wife made about a procedure related to Cervical Cancer.


Earl may also have had a child out of wedlock allegedly according to a source who is from the same hometown as Earl.



But there’s more, Earl Thomas is also messing with third Instagram chick who went private once the story broke today.

Her page before the story broke

The third Girl he deals with

After the story broke she quickly went private .

She told on herself

In all seriousness, we hope Earl Thomas’s wife leaves him so she doesn’t do something that will cost her a life sentence, because if she gets locked up, he will be still doing the same things…

We’re told Nina has known about his cheating since their college days and beyond.

We also recording him with another woman in March at the club . Earl even kissed the girl in public.

Earl just doesn’t care, check him out in a girls dm in December…


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